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If You Give a Bear a Bong

Sam Miserendino and Mike Odum


Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel

Nikki Grimes and R. Gregory Christie


Daniel Plays in a Gentle Way

Jason Fruchter


All the Ways I Hear You

Stephanie Marrufo and Priscila Soares


You Are Deadpool

Salva Espin and Paco Diaz


The Way of the Househusband, Vol. 6, 6

Kousuke Oono


Ways to Say I Love You

Marilyn Singer and Alette Straathof


Board Book I Love You Just the Way You Are

Make Believe Ideas Ltd


Deadpool: Hey, It's Deadpool! Marvel Select Edition

Joe Madureira and Ed McGuinness


I Suck at Pronouns

Renee Masterson-Carr


All the Ways I Love You

Susan Larkin and Jacqueline East