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Circle of Sinners

Lawrence Block


Circle of Sinners

Lawrence Block and Hal Dresner


The Burglar Who Met Fredric Brown

Lawrence Block



Sierra Simone


Playing Games


The Autobiography of Matthew Scudder

Lawrence Block



Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen


All the Sinners Bleed

S. a. Cosby


Hunting Buffalo with Bent Nails

Lawrence Block


The Sinner

J. R. Ward


The Burglar in Short Order

Lawrence Block


The Circle

Dave Eggers


Great Circle

Maggie Shipstead


Keller's Fedora: a novella

Lawrence Block


A Drop of the Hard Stuff

Lawrence Block


Sinners' Playground

Valenti and Caroline Peckham


Lady Tan's Circle of Women

Lisa See


Fantastic Four: Full Circle

Alex Ross


Hit Me

Lawrence Block