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Rottweiler 2021 Calendar

Over the Wall Dogs


Time Crime

Carnegie Olson


Novellas In Crime

Stormi Jones


Crimes of Globalization

David O. Friedrichs and Dawn Rothe


Small Crimes

Dave Zeltserman


A Stitch in Crime

Betty Hechtman


Violent Crimes

Phillip Margolin


Barely a Crime

Robert Ovies


Crime And Punishment

Fyodor Dostoyevsky


Kylie Jean Recipe Queen

Gail Green and Marci Peschke


Danica Dramatica: Queen Me!

Lori Nelson Lee and Jerry Craft


The Will of Queens

Kyle Alexander Romines



Natan Oredugba


Queen of This Realm

Jean Plaidy


Except the Queen

Midori Snyder and Jane Yolen


Queens Noir


The Queen's Man

Terri Brisbin