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Dallas Cowboys

M. K. Osborne


Cosas que escribí mientras se me enfriaba el café

Luis Cuevas, Alfonso Casas, et al.


Grand Solo Solennel: Pour Guitare Solo

Colette Mourey


British Classics. A Tale of Two Cities

Charles Dickens and Fred Barnard


Little Lunch Truck

Charles Beyl


Strong Man: The Story of Charles Atlas

Meghan McCarthy


No Back Doors: The Charles Graham Story

Charles Graham and Darrel Campbell


A Short Biography of Charles M. Russell

Emily Wilson


The World Doesn't End

Charles Simic


A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens: (illustrated)

Charles Dickens and Harry William


Charles W. Colson: A Life Redeemed

Jonathan Aitken


Si Tan Solo No Estuviera Tan Solo!

S. A and Abira Das