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Pinky and Rex and the Bully

James Howe and Melissa Sweet


Little Big Bully

Heid E. Erdrich


There's a Bully in My Brain

Kristin O'Rourke


No More Bullies!/Β‘no MΓ‘s Bullies

Rudolfo Anaya



Martha E. H. Rustad


Penelope's Bully

Andre Gatling


The Berenstain Bears Stand Up to Bullying

Mike Berenstain


MIA Mayhem vs. the Super Bully, Volume 3

Kara West and Leeza Hernandez


My Secret Bully

Trudy Ludwig and Abigail Marble


The Bully from the Black Lagoon

Mike Thaler and Jared Lee


Don't Be a Bully!!!

Deriyun McGee


Bully for You!: Book 3

Dana Sullivan


Beach Bully

Jake Maddox and Jesus Aburto Martinez


The Truth about Bullies

Thomas Aycock and Young Authors Publishing


Attack of the Bullies (Nerds Book Five)

Michael Buckley


The Bully Blockers Club

Teresa Bateman and Jackie Urbanovic


The Bully Book

Eric Kahn Gale


Bully, Bully, Back Off Me

Lora Bender and Jessica Blackford


The No More Bullying Book for Kids: Become Strong, Happy, and...

M. Ed Nbct Vanessa Green Allen and Emmeline Pidgen