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Blackhearts Anthology: Tales of Twisted Love

Donise Sheppard, Pyra Kane, et al.


The Conductors

Nicole Glover


Alexander Blackheart's Revenge: and its consequences

Martin Van Buren Burch


Steven Universe: Camp Pining Play

Nicole Mannino and Lisa Sterle


Over in the Woodland: A Mythological Counting Journey

Nicole Abreu, Shar Abreu, et al.


The End of the Wild

Nicole Helget


Close Range Christmas

Nicole Helm


The Decision to Heal: Pathways from Suffering to Love

Nicole Smith, Josh Friedberg, et al.


Mama Needs a Minute

Nicole Sloan


The Last Chinese Chef

Nicole Mones


Stitch Camp: 18 Crafty Projects for Kids & Tweens - Learn 6...

Nicole Blum and Catherine Newman


Abandoned Eastern Nebraska: Rural Wandering

Nicole Renaud


Before I Called You Mine

Nicole Deese


The Wide Starlight

Nicole Lesperance