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Bob Raczka and Larry Day


The Stines

James D. Lee


How Is Peanut Butter Made?

Grace Hansen


The Great Peanut Butter Heist

Daniel Kenney


Peanut Goes for the Gold

Jonathan Van Ness and Gillian Reid


Pad of Butter

Chronicle Books


Beware the Werewolf, Volume 12

Andres Miedoso and Victor Rivas



Erin Jade Lange


The Fun Reader: (Adults Beware)

Todd Schimmell


Peanut Butter & Jellyous: ...Sometimes Friendships Get Sticky

Michael Genhart and Steve Mack


Captain Marvel: Beware the Flerken!

Calliope Glass and Rob McClurkan


Harold and the Purple Crayon

Crockett Johnson


Planting Peanuts

Christine Platt and Anuki LΓ³pez


Brigid and the Butter: A Legend about St

Pamela Love and Apryl Stott


Peanuts 5-Minute Stories

Charles M. Schulz and Various


Peanuts: The Gang's All Here!

Charles M. Schulz


Badlands Beware

Nicole Helm


Charlie Brown: Pow!: A Peanuts Collection

Charles M. Schulz


Peanut Butter Lover Boy

Bruce Coville and Tony Sansevero


Peanuts Holiday Advent Calendar



Peanut Butter and Jelly Prayers

Julie B. Sevig