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Who Stole the American Dream?

Hedrick Smith


Dreams Underfoot: The Newford Collection

Charles De Lint


Horses Dream of Money: Stories

Angela Buck


The Swan with a Princess's Dream

Elizabeth Keebler


What Dreams are Made of

Debra Clopton


Dream Iournal for teens and adults

Addison Greer


Bad, Bad Prince

Wren Williams


Bad Bozeman Bad

Richard Earl Broome


A Bad Bad Thing (Main)

Elena Forbes


Bad Karma

Deborah Blum


Woolloomooloo Bad

Alison Owens


Bad Situation

Brynne Asher


Bad Machine

George Szirtes


Bad Nana

Lilla Nicholas-Holt and Giedre Sen


Bad Blood

P. M. Carlson


Bad Seed

Tracy Korn


Payback: A Good Men Doing Bad Things Novel

Kristin Harte


UFO Stories: 10 Bad and Dangerous UFO Stories

John Townsend and Isobel Lundie