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Suburban Dicks

Fabian Nicieza


Conan the Barbarian by Kurt Busiek Omnibus

Thomas Yeates and Greg Ruth


Spider-Man by Todd McFarlane: The Complete Collection

Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld, et al.


Deadpool: Hey, It's Deadpool! Marvel Select Edition

Joe Madureira and Ed McGuinness


King in Black: Namor

Kurt Busiek


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Archive Vol. 1

Fabian Nicieza, Scott Lobdell, et al.


Deadpool Epic Collection: The Circle Chase

Mike Kanterovich and Fabian Nicieza


The Marvels Vol. 1: The War in Siancong

Yildiray Cinar


New Warriors Classic Omnibus Vol. 1

Tom Defalco, David Micheline, et al.


Avengers: The Gathering Omnibus Hc

Glenn Herdling, Bob Harras, et al.


Orientation (Marvel: Avengers Assembly #1), 1

Preeti Chhibber and James Lancett


Batman: Creature of the Night

Kurt Busiek and John Paul Leon


Marvel's the Avengers: The Avengers Assemble

Marvel Press


Avengers Forever

Kurt Busiek, Carlos Pacheco, et al.


Avengers Assemble: Living Legends

Andrea Di Vito and Todd Nauck


X-Men Milestones: Fatal Attractions

Richard Bennett, Brandon Peterson, et al.


Stuart Little

E. B. White and Garth Williams


The Autumnlands, Volume 1: Tooth and Claw

Kurt Busiek


X-Men by Peter Milligan: Blood of Apocalypse

Peter Milligan and Fabian Nicieza


Deadpool & Cable Ultimate Collection - Book 1

Patrick Zircher and Mark Brooks


The Mighty Avengers (Marvel: The Avengers)

Billy Wrecks and Patrick Spaziante