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Savage Avengers Vol. 2: To Dine with Doom

Patch Zircher and Kim Jacinto


Captain Marvel Vol. 3: The Last Avenger

Lee Garbett


Marvel's Avengers: Road to A-Day

Paco Diaz


Little Golden Book Avengers Adventures (Marvel)

Various, Various, et al.


Avenging the Owl

Melissa Hart


Young Avengers by Gillen & McKelvie: The Complete Collection

Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie


Marvel's Avengers: Endgame Prelude

Various Artists


Heroes Reborn: Avengers

Michael Ryan and Ed Benes


Avengers: Endgame Lib/E

Marvel Press


Acts of Vengeance: Avengers

Paul Ryan, Mike Manley, et al.



Krys Fenner


Avenging Avery

Sheri Lewis Wohl


Marvel Super Hero Adventures: These Are the Avengers

Alexandra West, Derek Laufman, et al.


The Avengers: A Jewish War Story

Rich Cohen


The Ship Avenged

S. M. Stirling


Marvel Action: Avengers: The New Danger (Book One)

Matthew K. Manning and Jon Sommariva


Avengers: Vision and the Scarlet Witch

Don Heck


Avenger: The Sanctuary Series

Robert J. Crane