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Ant-Man (Marvel: Ant-Man)

Billy Wrecks and Patrick Spaziante


Ant-Man: Worldhive Tpb

Dylan Burnett


Wasp: Small and Mighty! (Marvel Ant-Man and Wasp)

John Sazaklis and Shane Clester


The Astonishing Ant-Man: The Complete Collection

Anapaola Martello, Ramon Rosanas, et al.




Ant-Man: This Is Ant-Man

Chris Wyatt, Ron Lim, et al.


Secrets of the Last Ant Man

M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (Ral ).


The Man in the Ant Hill

Nachie Castro and Marvel Artist


Ant-Man: Natural Enemy

Jason Starr


Ant-Man: Zombie Repellent

Chris Wyatt, Khoi Pham, et al.


These Are Ant-Man & the Wasp

Alexandra C. West, Marvel Press Artist, et al.


Ant Man

Anthony Haas


The Ant Man

Neil Davies