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The Penelopiad: The Myth of Penelope and Odysseus

Margaret Atwood


Penelope the Foal Fairy

Daisy Meadows


Penelope Rose

C. M. Healy and Laura Gosnell


Penelope's Bully

Andre Gatling


Love, Penelope

Joanne Rocklin and Lucy Knisley


Penny and Penelope

Dan Richards and Claire Almon


Penelope's Hope

Laurie Guderian and Anthony LeBeau


Death in Avignon: A Penelope Kite Novel

Serena Kent


Death in Provence: A Penelope Kite Novel

Serena Kent


Dead March for Penelope Blow

George Bellairs


The Adventures of Penelope and Pearl

Alycia Oppenheim and Josh Greene


Penelope Rose

CM Healy


Princess Penelope's Parrot

Helen Lester and Lynn Munsinger


Penelope and Jack, Together Apart

Stork, Uncle Inkwell, et al.


My Name Is Penelope

Ingrid Wolfenden


Operation Dimwit: A Penelope Lemon Novel

Inman Majors


Punk 57

Penelope Douglas


Pandemic Penelope

Sarah Anderson


Shelter for Penelope

Susan Stoker


Penelope Pine

Evan Balkan, Amelia Balkan, et al.


Penelope March Is Melting

Jeffrey Michael Ruby