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Aaron Slater, Illustrator

Andrea Beaty and David Roberts


Natalie Wood: The Complete Biography

Suzanne Finstad


Rick and Morty: Talking Pickle Rick

Robb Pearlman


It Is Wood, It Is Stone

Gabriella Burnham


Maggie Terry

Sarah Schulman


Natalie Wood: A Life

Gavin Lambert


Fire and Ice: The Volcanoes of the Solar System

Natalie Starkey



Alex Gino


Donut (the Puppy Place #63), 63

Ellen Miles


Rick and Morty: Rick's New Hat

Alex Firer and Fred C. Stresing


The Andromeda Strain

Michael Crichton


Roots of Wood and Stone

Amanda Wen


D'Vaughn and Kris Plan a Wedding

Chencia C. Higgins


Kelly's Heroes


Christmas with L. M. Montgomery

L. M. Montgomery



Ron Chernow


The War


Cocomelon J.J.'s Potty Time

Scarlett Wing