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The World in Violet: An Anthology of English Decadent Poetry

George Ives and Count Stenbock


Noh Place Poetry Anthology


My After All: Poetry and Prose for Mothers

Jessica Urlichs


The Maid

Nita Prose


The Space Between Us: Poetry and Prose

Zack Grey and Courtney Peppernell


The Book of Healing: Selected Poetry and Prose

Najwa Zebian


Pangaea: Prose and Poetry

Hinnah Mian


Decadent Erotica: An Anthology

Ruan Willow


An American Soldier's Awakening: Anthology of Poetry and Prose

Ltc Nina R. Petrarca USA Ret


Poezie/Proză Poetry/Prose

Irina Rabeja


Breakable Things: Poetry and Prose

Katie Wismer


The Complete Poetry & Prose of William Blake

William Blake