Search for "A Year of the Monkeys: Short Fiction by the Infinite Monkeys Chapter of the League of Utah Writers"

Year of the Monkey

Patti Smith


Grumpy Monkey

Suzanne Lang and Max Lang


Night Monkey, Day Monkey

Lucy Richards and Julia Donaldson


Grumpy Monkey Freshly Squeezed

Suzanne Lang and Max Lang


Grumpy Monkey Oh, No! Christmas

Suzanne Lang and Max Lang


Goodnight Monkey

Joshua George and Zhanna Ovocheva


Grumpy Monkey Party Time!

Suzanne Lang and Max Lang


The Monkey Wrench Gang

Edward Abbey


Monkey Boy

Francisco Goldman


Monkey Man

Takuji Ichikawa


The Fourth Monkey

J. D. Barker


Summer of the Monkeys

Wilson Rawls


Welcome to the Monkey House

Kurt Vonnegut


Little Monkey Calms Down

Michael Dahl and Oriol Vidal


Five Little Monkeys Looking for Santa

Eileen Christelow


Sassy the Squirrel Monkey

Anna Taylor Stevens and Martina Terzi


Monkey Around

Jadie Jang


Five Little Monkeys

Sarah Ward