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Batman: White Knight

Sean Murphy


Batman: Curse of the White Knight

Sean Murphy and Klaus Janson


The Blackened Blues

Sean Murphy


Punk Rock Jesus

Sean Murphy


Batman: White Knight Deluxe Edition

Sean Gordon Murphy


Healthcare Information Security and Privacy

Sean Murphy


Chapel Street

Sean Paul Murphy


One for the Murphys

Lynda Mullaly Hunt


Wine Country Adult Coloring Book

Sean Murphy


Algebraic Aspects of the Advanced Encryption Standard

Sean Murphy, Matthew Robshaw, et al.


The Lucas Affair

Sean Murphy


Gin Galore: A Journey to the Source of Scotland's Gin

Sean Murphy and Alison Soye


No Fire No Thunder

Sean Murphy


The Hope Valley Hubcap King

Sean Murphy


Classic Car Coloring Book

Sean Murphy


Claws for Alarm: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery

Rita Mae Brown


Murphy's Slaw

Elizabeth Logan