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Jesus Speaks to Me about My Baptism

Angela Burrin and Maria Cristina Lo Cascio


Jesus and the Disinherited

Howard Thurman


Praying Through the Names of Jesus

Tony Evans


My Name Is a Hurricane?

Julie Beasley and Ron Szafarczyk


My Day with Jesus

Lawrence G. Lovasik


Hello, My Name Is Octicorn

Kevin Diller, Justin Lowe, et al.


My Last Name

Eric Schumacher


My walk through faith: In the name of Jesus: Where in our...

Wilbert Evangelista Dela Cruz


100 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus Pamphlet: Messianic...

Jesus and Rose Publishing


My Name Is Mary Sutter

Robin Oliveira


Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ

Jeanne Guyon


My Friend Jesus

Lawrence G. Lovasik


In Jesus' Name

John D. Laing


My Name Is Venus Black

Heather Lloyd


Jesus Speaks to Me on My First Holy Communion

Angela M Burrin and Maria Cristina Lo Casco


My Name Is Sammy, and I'm No Snitch

Jeff Tucker and Miranda Morrissey


Just Call My Name

Holly Goldberg Sloan


My Name Is Penelope

Ingrid Wolfenden