You Are Intuitive: Trust Your Truth. Take Back Your Power.

Natalie Miles (Author)


How would it feel to follow your inner knowing and guidance without question? To be able trust that you are on the right path, no matter what? The truth is, we all possess the intuitive gifts to live like this-but in world where we're told the answers lie outside of us, we have forgotten how to use them. Or have they been taken from us?

Intuition has been labeled "woowoo" or weird, when connecting with this part of ourselves is actually as natural as breathing. Packed with easy-to-follow exercises for receiving and decoding messages about your life and your path, You Are Intuitive is a practical guide to help you remember how.

A message that has never felt more timely. As society undergoes a seismic shift and existing power structures topple and fall, it is time to re-claim our agency as active participants in our lives, and in the world. As such, You Are Intuitive is also a rallying cry to stand in your truth, take back your power, and be a force for positive change.

"You Are Intuitive will free you on a subconscious level and change your life. Natalie Miles has written the power guide you've been searching and waiting for." - Lalah Delia, author of Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power.

"You Are Intuitive offers us the permission we've all been looking for, to develop our intuition and live a more spiritually connected, authentic, and fulfilling life. It's as inspiring and uplifting as it is practical and straightforward." - Sah D'Simone, Spiritual Guide, Meditation Teacher & Author of Spiritually Sassy.

"You Are Intuitive makes it easy and simple to tap into that deep inner knowing we all possess. I particularly love the integration of ancestral healing + honoring, which is so important at this pivotal time." - Sahara Rose, best-selling author + podcast host.

"INTUITION IN ACTION Natalie's book is full of exercises, journal prompts, conscious social justice considerations, with NO side order or spiritual bypassing. Packed with synchronistic stories and examples that light a path for spirit AND create space for checking one's privilege, You Are Intuitive is one I will be keeping at my nightstand " - Dr. Jennifer Mullen, Decolonizing Therapy.

"Natalie has written a clear, grounded, comprehensive guide to all things intuition. This book addresses topics not found in similar content, such as what waking up can actually feel like, and addresses the external factors that have blocked many from reclaiming themselves, such as colonialism. Filled with affirmations, exercises, context and warmth, this is a book for every person committed to a path of self-discovery and self-empowerment. You Are Intuitive is part of the new paradigm of healing." - Sarah Faith Gottesdiener, author of the Moon Book.

"Natalie's book is deeply empowering and reminds us that we all have intuitive gifts, and that when we tap back in, our lives expand in all directions Natalie is a beautiful writer and has so clearly poured her beautiful heart and soul into every word of this book. You will finish it feeling empowered, tuned into your inner knowing, and ready to soar." - Jordan Younger, The Balanced Blonde.

"Natalie Miles is a trusted wayshower and this book is the guide we all need on the journey back home to our intuition, self-sovereignty and body." - Kylie McBeath Role, Sacred Activist, @beingisbeautiful.

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$19.98  $18.38
Natalie Miles- Your Truth Media Inc
Publish Date
September 29, 2020
5.98 X 9.02 X 0.49 inches | 0.7 pounds

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