War Against the People: Israel, the Palestinians and Global Pacification

Jeff Halper (Author)

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Pluto Press (UK)
Publish Date
September 20, 2015
5.3 X 8.3 X 0.9 inches | 0.01 pounds

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About the Author

Jeff Halper is the head of ICAHD, the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions, and the author of a number of books, including An Israeli in Palestine, also published by Pluto Press.


Praise for previous work: "An inspiration. His voice cries out to be heard."--Jonathan Cook, author of Blood and Religion, Israel and the Clash of Civilisations, and Disappearing Palestine
"This is an important book for anyone who cares about peace, the plight of the Palestinian people, and the role of Israel in the world of war. Halper's fascinating thesis places the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories at the heart of its role in the transnational military-industrial complex and what he calls the pacification industry. A brave, analytical, and innovative book from an admirable activist and thinker."--Andrew Feinstein, author of The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade
"Halper's essay on Israel's 'matrix of control' is classic, even canonical. Now, in War Against the People, he radicalizes the argument to develop a deeply disturbing vision of what he calls 'securocratic wars in global battlespace.' A rare combination of theoretical imagination, empirical sensitivity, and political passion."--Derek Gregory, University of British Columbia and author of The Colonial Present: Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq
"In this cogently written and extremely informative book, Jeff Halper explores Israel's key role in the 'global pacification industry.' The resulting alliances not only enable Israel to perpetuate the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip; the latter's function as a human laboratory for Israel's 'matrix of control' additionally makes the occupation indispensable to Israel's security industry and global positioning. War Against the People is an excellent, revealing, and accessible examination of Israel's 'security politics' and the changing nature of pacification worldwide in the twenty-first century."--Mouin Rabbani, Institute for Palestine Studies and co-editor, Jadaliyya
"A brilliant book whose depth of political insight is driven by the spirit of one of the world's most inspiring political activists. It lays out the way in which Israel's war on the Palestinians has become both a model and the laboratory for a global war against the people."--Eyal Weizman, Goldsmiths, University of London and director, Centre for Research Architecture
"This profoundly important and well-researched study serves as a reminder that US-backed Israeli militarism and its devastating humanitarian impact are neither unique nor to be seen in isolation. Halper convincingly argues that it is part of an even more disturbing global phenomenon that goes well beyond Israel which threatens the lives and civil liberties not just of Palestinians, but of people around the world."--Stephen Zunes, University of San Francisco
"Military and security organizations are rebuilding the social and political space in which we live. Anyone who wants to understand this process should read this book. It is not only a key to deciphering Israeli policies in Palestine, but also one of the clearest explanations that I have ever read on how important Israel/Palestine is in the world....Jeff Halper's book addresses with clarity and structure one of the most complex and yet extremely important topics of the securitization of our society. His book has opened my eyes, and was a fascinating read."
--Shir Hever, author of The Political Economy of Israel's Occupation
"War Against the People is a genuinely frightening book. At its heart, Halper provides an exhaustive survey of Israel's weapons technology. This is a brave, angry, unruly book, which inspires fear, but also hope."--The Electronic Intifada
"War Against the People looks inside Israel's trade in military and security products and shows how these activities are converted into political clout. [It] aims to arm activists with sufficient knowledge about global pacification and the way it supports the world-system for them to formulate an effective anti-security and counter-hegemony agenda."--Dissident Voice
"Halper contextualizes Israel's globalization of Palestine within the capitalist world system."--Consortium News
"Since 1967, Israel has violated numerous international laws with its settlement of the West Bank, regular disproportionate military incursions into Gaza and frequent extrajudicial killings. American-Israeli scholar and activist Halper sought to discover the source of Israel's seeming immunity."--In These Times
"Halper does not shy from unconventional positions."--The Progressive
"[Israel's]? military establishment is both privatizing the weapons sector and selling this technology abroad. Israeli writer and activist Halper argues in War Against the People that the occupation isn't a burden for Israel but a 'resource', because it gives the Jewish state the opportunity to test weapons and surveillance in the field on Palestinians, along with assisting other states in their military and intelligence needs."--The Nation
"In his new book War against the People, Jeff Halper investigates the relationship between Israel's military industrial complex and its occupation of Palestine. . . . The strength of his book lies in its documentation of the extensive repertoire of the Israeli arms industry: bionic hornets, dragonfly drones, airborne surveillance, speedboat drones, bombs containing electromagnetic pulse, and intelligence gathering systems are among the high-tech weaponry, tested on Palestinians, which have turned Israel into a key player in global security politics."--Journal of Palestine Studies
"For 18 years Halper has been on the front lines of the Israel-Palestine conflict, helping to rebuild Palestinian homes in the occupied territories demolished by Israel. War Against the People suggests that Israel provides a unique window on some of the most important recent developments in what he terms "securocratic warfare". The book's central thesis emerged as he tried to understand why tiny Israel hits way beyond its weight economically, politically and militarily."--Counterpunch