Tommy Wrought: A Musical Reflection Of Children With Special Needs

Peter Felton (Author)


Utilizing plot, character, and musical elements of The Who's landmark Rock Opera Tommy, author-educator-lifelong Rocker Peter Felton addresses sensitive issues pertaining to the upbringing and social outlook of children of the 21st Century. Drawing upon biographical details of the original members of The Who, while reflecting upon notable experiences in his own personal and work lives, Felton makes a firm case as to the roots of hindrances to children's learning and lifestyles in today's modern world-with astounding comparisons to those of yesteryear. In an effort to convey a breakdown of the internal breakdowns of those suffering from such setbacks-resulting from the external blunders of their surroundings-and with the aid of in-depth analyses of the multi-angular lyrics belonging to the songs making up the score of Tommy, connections between disparate aspects of humanity old and young are successfully made, in hopes of securing a more stable foundation for future generations.

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December 13, 2015
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About the Author

Peter Felton was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. A proud native of the City By The Bay, Felton's lifelong interest in San Francisco Bay Area public transportation was documented in his five-star first book, DAILY PUBLIC TRANSIT RIDERSHIP: THE INSIDE SCOOP (2012)--outlining contemporary (1970s-early 2010s) upgrades, milestones, routes, and the overall aura of the San Francisco Muni public transit system. Peter Felton's life was changed forever at the age of ten when he encountered a three-way combination domestic-academic-social change upon his parents' divorce and him transferring schools that caused a startling shift in academic gears and uncomfortably rocked his social boat. Despite the life-defining change, Felton's interest in learning remained strong and after graduating high school, Felton elected to pursue a teaching career--earning his BA in Liberal Studies-Teacher Education in 2008. Bearing a deep interest in music of all genres, Felton's musicological explorations began at age ten upon discovering the glory, wonder, and depth of the music of the 1960s thanks to public television, the radio, local record stores, and most of all, his upbringing. At age 14, Felton made his most profound musical discovery of all time: legendary English Rock band, The Who. Eternally furthering Felton's creative horizons as an adolescent, young adult, and working professional, The Who's wide-ranging repertoire continually provides Felton with increasing inspiration for using music as a regular teaching tool in his academic career working with a wide variety of students and disciplines. Putting the pedal to the metal in his teaching career in Fall 2008, Felton's professional claim-to-fames have included accomplished instruction in the following fields: United States & World Geography (Grades K-8), Physical Education (Grades K-8), Music & Movement (Grades K-8), Choreography & Interpretive Dance (experimentally pioneered in college, routinely integrated into different subjects in Grade K-8 general education since), Tutoring (Grades K-12, general ed. subjects), as well as highly-acclaimed substitute teaching in single-sex K-8 schools for each gender. Most recently, Felton's second book, TOMMY WROUGHT: A MUSICAL REFLECTION OF CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS, provides readers of all descriptions with extensive comparative analyses between the outlooks of special-case children of today and yesterday--signified by the in-depth music of The Who's Rock Opera, Tommy.