The Plastic Problem


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About the Author

Rachel Salt has worked as head writer, researcher and producer for AsapSCIENCE, a YouTube channel dedicated to science education with over eight million subscribers. She has a Master's Degree in Environmental Biology from the University of Guelph.


This nonfiction book for middle graders covers everything from how plastic is made to its environmental impacts. The "plastic problem" itself is a big sticky one, but this well-organized and concise approach makes the topic digestible... A well-paced, current look at a major global issue with high visual interest and reader appeal.-- (07/14/2019)
The Plastic Problem clearly describes what plastic is, its invention, its eventual globalized use, the impact that it has on our lives and economies, and the harmful effects it is having on all of us. A variety of non-fiction text features support readers in the middle grades (aged 9 and up) to access the important information in this book.-- (09/01/2019)
This book is a fun and engaging read with more than enough facts and information for upper elementary and middle school research. Highly recommended for most libraries.-- (10/01/2019)
This comprehensive guide takes both a microscope and a wide lens to all things plastic, offering up details on its chemical makeup as well as its quick (and problematic) rise in the manufacturing industry. YouTuber Salt breaks down complex facts into digestible bites supported by clarifying graphs and asides, equipping readers to understand scientific research and terminology surrounding what plastic is, how it's made, and how it goes to waste. One segment, for instance, explains how to decode and differentiate the various plastics used in household items, where else these plastics are used, and why. Research and plentiful examples support the content. Aside from flowcharts and info-graphs, the visuals--set as text backdrops and spot illustrations--alternate between attractive, comic-style illustrations and stock photography. A handy, hope-forward resource of particular use for the classroom.-- (10/24/2019)
This comprehensive book covers everything from how plastic is made and how it breaks down (or doesn't) to how it ends up in the ocean and affects the 700 species known to eat it. With kid-friendly examples--like the time a ship lost a container packed with 28,000 rubber duckies that then rode the ocean's currents--and easy-to-understand illustrations, this book will keep readers engaged right until the end, where they'll find a slew of hopeful solutions.-- (11/21/2019)
This information-packed title capably steers the reader through the complicated steps involved in the manufacture of plastic and its subsequent impact on the environment... The complex information is capably broken down into 18 logical, easily absorbed, concise chapters. The book's attractive appearance is enhanced by user-friendly charts and sidebars with ample photos and drawings... This is an excellent resource brimming with facts, containing an upbeat message to encourage readers to become proactive in the protection of our fragile planet.-- (12/01/2019)
This is a highly recommended book that is a must for students interested in cleaning up the environment and contributing to a solution for global warming.--Helen Mason"Resource Links" (12/01/2019)
This great informational book answers all your questions about plastic. With easy to read text and bright photos, we learn what plastic is and where we find it in our homes, groceries and oceans. It details the toxicity of plastic, but also the need for plastic with some eye-opening information about recycling and reusing. Readers will learn how deadly this material is and how we can help and find solutions.-- (01/11/2020)
The simple and transformative book examines a major problem and provides some hope. As a producer for the popular award-winning YouTube channel AsapSCIENCE, Salt is accustomed to taking big, complicated concepts and translating them into entertaining and easy-to-understand segments. She does that with this critically important book that will change the lives of those who read it.-- (01/04/2020)