The Identitarians: The Movement Against Globalism and Islam in Europe



The Identitarians are a quickly growing ethnocultural transnational movement that, in diverse forms, originated in France and Italy and has spread into southern, central, and northern Europe. This timely and important study presents the first book-length analysis of this anti-globalist and anti-Islamic movement. José Pedro Zúquete, one of the leading experts in this field, studies intellectuals, social movements, young activists, and broader trends to demonstrate the growing strength and alliances among these once disparate groups fighting against perceived Islamic encroachment and rising immigration. The Identitarian intellectual and activist uprising has been a source of inspiration beyond Europe, and Zúquete ties the European experience to the emerging American Alt Right, in the limelight for their support of President Trump and recent public protests on university campuses across the United States.

Zúquete presents the multifaceted Identitarian movement on its own terms. He delves deep into the Identitarian literature and social media, covering different geographic contexts and drawing from countless primary sources in different European languages, while simultaneously including many firsthand accounts, testimonies, and interviews with theorists, sympathizers, and activists. The Identitarians investigates a phenomenon that will become increasingly visible on both sides of the Atlantic as European societies become more multicultural and multiethnic, and as immigration from predominantly Muslim nations continues to grow. The book will be of interest to Europeanists, political scientists, sociologists, and general readers interested in political extremism and contemporary challenges to liberal democracies.

--Carlos de la Torre, University of Kentucky

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University of Notre Dame Press
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October 30, 2018
5.98 X 1.06 X 9.02 inches | 1.8 pounds

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About the Author

José Pedro Zúquete is a research fellow at the Social Sciences Institute of the University of Lisbon. He is the author of Missionary Politics in Contemporary Europe and co-author of The Struggle for the World.


"José Pedro Zúquete provides a clear, thorough understanding of the Identitarian movement: its origins, its connections to other political/ideological traditions and movements, its beliefs, and the actions its members have taken. It breaks new ground by offering a comprehensive look at a phenomenon that is ongoing and constantly changing. I believe this book will become the standard reference for the Identitarian movement in Europe for a few years and, depending on developments in the movement and Europe more broadly, perhaps longer."--Ian Reifowitz, SUNY Empire State College
"The book aims to let Identitarians talk with their own voices about how they perceive the threats to Europe. José Pedro Zúquete is one of the leading experts in this field, and uses an impressive variety of sources in several languages."--Carlos de la Torre, University of Kentucky
"The Identitarian movement represents a serious challenge to contemporary Western democracies, though it remains mysterious to most political observers. With The Identitarians, José Pedro Zúquete has established himself as the world's leading expert on the subject. Thorough, dispassionate, and readable, The Identitarians helps us make sense of this disruptive political moment. It will be the most useful and important resource on this subject for many years to come."--George Hawley, University of Alabama
"The Identitarians: The Movement against Globalism and Islam in Europe describes the Identitarians as a 'quickly growing ethnocultural transnational movement that, in diverse forms, originated in France and Italy and has spread into southern, central, and northern Europe' at the beginning of the 2000s."--The Week
"From this perspective, Zúquete offers a highly analytical account of the Identitarian movement in Europe--a movement that is diverse in terms of its composition but united by its call for actions aimed at defending Europe's identity, integrity, and distinctiveness."--Choice
"José Pedro Zúquete's The Identitarians: The Movement against Globalism and Islam in Europe is the definitive book on the Identitarian movement."--Cas Mudde, The Far Right Today
"Zúquete's book describes the historical development of this movement and provides thorough detail of the people who have propagated these views (mostly) across mainland Europe (especially in France and Italy)."--Process North