The Godfathers of Sex Abuse, Book I: Jeffrey Epstein



On July 6, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein became a household name as an international sex trafficker of underage girls, serial sex abuser, and confidant of the most famous, rich, and powerful men in the world. Barely a month after his arrest, he was reportedly found dead in his prison cell, supposedly by suicide. Numerous investigations are ongoing, to find out how he really died--but the public has been kept in the dark.

In this first of a series of books about the most notorious #MeToo era sexual predators, author and law professor Deana Pollard Sacks offers the most comprehensive look ever at the sordid life of Jeffrey Epstein. Her research is impeccable and synthesizes news stories, court cases, and interviews--along with her keen observations--to give the reader a full picture of the life and crimes of this twisted sexual pervert.

In this scathing indictment, Professor Sacks reveals the gross incompetence and bald corruption of certain government officials who aided and abetted the sex abuser, and exposes the media outlets who enabled Epstein's crimes by withholding the truth from us all.

This book is a must-read for any #MeToo survivor or follower, concerned citizen, or individual who is fed up with having one justice system for the rich and another for the rest of us.

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December 19, 2019
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About the Author

Deana Pollard Sacks is a professor of law at the Thurgood Marshall School of Law in Houston, Texas. Her research centers on implicit bias, children's development, sex tort liability, and regulation of dangerous speech. She is a contributing author of Implicit Racial Bias Across the Law (2012) and has authored numerous law review articles, including "Sex Torts." In 2014, she started a grassroots talk show called Meet The Professors,, to provide free access to a conversational forum in which leading academics discuss decades of legal and scientific research concerning social issues such as the influence of sexual and violent media on children and the sexual disease epidemic. Deana can be reached through the Sacks Law Firm in Houston, Texas.


"Professor Deana Pollard Sacks has written the definitive book about the prominent men who used their power and money to abuse women. The book is meticulously researched and very well written and engaging. It is a stark reminder that decades after the feminist movement began, women are harassed and raped by men like these and those who enable them."

―Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean,
University of California, Berkeley School of Law

"The Godfathers of Sex Abuse exposes the truth about the entertainment industry, dismantles the concept of fame, shines a light on a multibillion-dollar business built on systematic misogyny, and urges people to wake up to the power they hold as citizens for change to help eradicate sexual assault. The book is a part of the #MeToo movement that has affected public discourse about sexual violence."

―John Brittain, Professor,
University of the District of Columbia, David A. Clark School of Law

"In this beautifully written and blunt book, Deana Pollard Sacks makes an excellent case for urgent reform by exposing the truth about Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and these men's many powerful enablers. Sacks is a phenomenal writer and may prove to be one of the premier American authors of our generation."

―Alfred Brophy, Professor Emeritus,
University of Alabama School of Law

"Professor Deana Pollard Sacks provides a scathing, detailed account of how rich and powerful perpetrators of rape and sexual assault are able to abuse the legal system and unscrupulously rely on their vast connections in a shameful attempt to escape justice. But with diligent persistence, Sacks gives voice to the voiceless by championing exactly how justice should ultimately prevail over these rapists if we, as a society, remain true to our stated belief that no one is above the law."

―Fred Galves, Professor,
Lincoln Law School of Sacramento

"An absolute page-turner ... documenting the crimes of the rich and famous and the systems that protect them, leaving victims with shattered lives and dreams."

―Martina Cartwright, Professor,
Thurgood Marshall School of Law

"Professor Deana Sacks provides an extremely thought-provoking, powerful, and brave exposé of some of the most powerful sexual predators in the world. As with all her writing, she is direct, bold, and brutally honest."

―Laura L. Westray, J.D.