The Donald Trump Turkey Shoot: Humorous, Caustic, and Satirical Observations on the Immoral, Ignorant, Incompetent, & Dangerous Occupant of the Oval

John R. Scannell (Author)


"Only the Best Words? Only the Best People? Nonsense!"

The Donald Trump Turkey Shoot is the author's attempt--in weekly articles, spanning his presidency and arranged chronologically--to understand and portray Trump through careful analysis, pithy commentary, and satirical poetry, stories, and dramatic sketches. As an ordinary citizen watching the unraveling of democracy and American values at the hands of an incompetent, vulgar president, satire seemed most appropriate.

He began writing the materials that would become The Donald Trump Turkey Shoot for his own amusement a few months before the 2016 election--foolishly believing that Donald Trump could never be elected. Certainly not by an American populace as intelligent, generous, and freedom-loving as he thought they were.

He was wrong. Twice. The first time by underestimating the candidate Donald Trump; and the second time by overestimating the intelligence and heart of the American electorate. He never thought that so many of his fellow citizens could vote for a man so pernicious and undignified--an arrogant, ignorant, incompetent, and unrepentant bully given to self-aggrandizement and megalomania. A racist and misogynist. He takes little comfort knowing that almost 3 million more Americans voted for Clinton than for Trump, or that Trump's election was really an Electoral College victory not validated by the popular vote.

Trump is the only president in his lifetime who is beneath contempt--a narcissist with no morals, no ethics, little intelligence, and an even smaller vocabulary--who deserves the ridicule of all Americans who are dissatisfied customers. He is a dissatisfied customer. This is his response.

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Wutherwood Press
Publish Date
May 23, 2020
6.0 X 9.0 X 0.71 inches | 1.0 pounds

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