The Dizzy Cook: Managing Migraine with More Than 90 Comforting Recipes and Lifestyle Tips

Alicia Wolf (Author)


With beautiful full-color photographs, this cookbook features more than 90 delicious recipes and dozens of helpful tips to help combat migraine symptoms through diet and lifestyle.

From healthy living blogger and creator of, this cookbook is a must-have for anyone managing migraine as well as anyone who just loves to create delectable yet diet-friendly dishes. Author Alicia Wolf developed her recipes using the principles of Johns Hopkins neurologist David Buchholz's "Heal Your Headache" diet, one of the most recommended plans by health practitioners for treating migraine through diet, but added her own unique spin on things. Inside the book you'll find ideas for every meal of the day, along with tips on how to get started; the best supplements for migraine prevention and treatment; common substitutions; travel tips; meal plans; and other indispensable resources. Learn to make Alicia's famous blueberry muffins, smoky carrot hummus, salsa verde chicken enchiladas, roasted curry cauliflower, chewy ginger cookies, and so much more. With The Dizzy Cook, you will be inspired to discover your kitchen open up to infinite possibilities for healthy, appetizing, migraine-safe comfort foods.

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$25.99  $23.91
West Margin Press
Publish Date
February 18, 2020
8.0 X 0.6 X 9.6 inches | 1.25 pounds
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About the Author

Alicia Wolf is the brilliant voice behind The Dizzy Cook, a blog dedicated to improving the diet and lifestyle for those who suffer from migraines. After being diagnosed with Chronic Vestibular Migraine in 2016, Alicia went on a personal journey to incorporate key supplements and lifestyle changes. Her blog emerged from the experience as a way for her to share recipes and tips to help improve the lives of those who constantly experience headaches, dizziness, and vertigo. She has been featured on digital magazines and publications such as Clean Eating Kitchen, Digital Journal, Migraine Again, and My Chronic Brain. She is a partner of the American Migraine Foundation. Alicia currently lives in Dallas, Texas.


"Vestibular migraine patients face enough challenges without having to worry about what they eat and drink. Unfortunately, many foods and beverages can be migraine triggers. In The Dizzy Cook, Alicia Wolf provides hope to people suffering from migraine. Hope that they can eat delicious food that won't trigger their symptoms. Hope that they can cook meals the whole family will enjoy. Hope that they can live a normal life.
Learn from someone who has been there. Alicia's migraine journey was full of pitfalls, including doctors who dismissed her symptoms and the loss of her career. A migraine-friendly diet wasn't an immediate 'cure' for her, but she persevered and discovered how to test her triggers. This book is based on her trial and error experience, and validated by a registered dietician.
In addition to her mouth-watering photos, Alicia explains how to transition to a migraine diet, foods to avoid and embrace, as well as fancy beverage recipes so you don't feel like you're missing out. With plenty of variety and options for special diets - such as gluten-free and vegan - you're sure to be bookmarking your favorites! Many thanks to Alicia for being an 'Ambassador' for vestibular migraine. By raising awareness and normalizing these invisible conditions we can create a demand for migraine-friendly food, making shopping and eating out easier and more enjoyable."

--Cynthia Ryan, MBA Executive Director, The Vestibular Disorders Association
"The Dizzy Cook is a great resource for migraine patients. Avoiding migraine food triggers can often cause culinary boredom for many migraine sufferers and their families. This cookbook helps migraine sufferers prepare delicious, interesting dishes while avoiding these triggers. It also provides ideas on substituting typically-used but potentially migraine-aggravating ingredients in well-loved dishes. While there are some migraine recipe books on the market, this is the first one specifically written for vestibular migraine sufferers."--Shin Beh, MD, Neurology, University of Texas Southwestern
"Alicia has been an excellent resource for me and my patients. Her personal experience and carefully researched articles have helped many of my patients understand how to treat their vestibular migraine symptoms. I highly recommend her website and this book!"--Edward I. Cho, M.D., House Clinic
"Alicia was able to give a new mood, technique and voice to previously bland and boring elimination diet dinner tables. The menu and options that exist in the 'migraine world' have been changed for the better. This cookbook has navigated the 'do not eat' list existing in this space with ease and exploration. The recipes are self-contained packets of information that are tidy and aesthetically beautiful... not to mention, tasty and delicious! As a migraine sufferer myself, and for the countless patients in our clinic who use these recipes day in and day out, we can't get enough of this edition and can't wait for another!"--Brooke Pearce, Au.D., Co-Founder of Dizzy and Vertigo Institute of Los Angeles
"The Dizzy Cook brings the healing power of Heal Your Headache into your home kitchen with a banquet of deliciously healthy recipes and helpful dietary tips."--David Buchholz, M.D., author of Heal Your Headache