The Crown Affair: From the Files of a Hard-Boiled Detective

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Charlesbridge Publishing
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About the Author

Jeanie Franz Ransom has written several books for children, including What Parents Do When You're Not Home (Peachtree), Don't Squeal Unless It's a Big Deal: A Tale of Tattletales (Magination Press), and Grandma U (Peachtree). When Jeanie isn't writing, visiting schools, or speaking at conferences, she's working with kids at her part-time counseling job, or making lattes at the local Starbucks. Jeanie lives with her family near St. Louis, Missouri.

Stephen Axelsen has illustrated numerous children's books in his native Australia, including The Piccolo and Annabelle (Oxford University Press) series, which he also wrote. He lives on the east coast of Australia.


*When Jack and Jill fell down the hill, did Jack really lose his crown, or did someone make off with it? Detective Joe Dumpty, previously seen in 2009's What REALLY Happened to Humpty?, is on the case in this witty companion book. Tipped off that a certain other nursery-rhyme Jack might be responsible for the crown's disappearance, Joe sets out to interrogate suspects, and his noir-flavored narration is just as much fun this time around ("Between his bum foot and his scorched bottom, Jack wouldn't have been nimble--or quick--enough to grab the crown this morning"). Axelsen's illustrations are packed with humorous details and cleverly reimagined Mother Goose characters, and Ransom's references to "test[ing] positive for magic beans," among other gags, will amuse older readers.
-Publisher's Weekly, *Starred Review

Noir whodunit in the land of Mother Goose. When Jack loses his crown after falling down that hill, who better to crack the case than hard-boiled Joe Dumpty, private eye? (Joe made his rep by solving the mystery surrounding his brother in What REALLY Happened to Humpty?, 2009.) Jill leaps over the yellow crime-scene tape to meet him at the hill. Jack's eyes look like pinwheels as he tells Joe what he remembers; dizzy Jill can't add much more. Spider goes over the crime scene with a fine-tooth comb...literally! Joe visits the Sprats, who are fighting; could it be about the crown? Jack B. Nimble is on crutches; he fell while practicing his candle-jumping. He's an unlikely suspect. And in the house that Jack built, "Goldy" describes a suspicious encounter with the Muffin Man. Joe grills this sailor-suited gourmand, who implicates yet another Jack, the one who went up the beanstalk. While Joe visits this sulky Jack, Spider takes a trip up the beanstalk to talk to the giant. Between them, they solve the crime, and just in time. Joe and Spider can tackle their next case: The cow has jumped over the moon and hasn't been seen since. The pun-packed yarn may go over the heads of younger readers, but their grown-ups will chuckle, and everyone will enjoy the impish twists on familiar images in Axelsen's Photoshop illustrations. Genuinely clever.
-Kirkus Reviews

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