The Crate: A Story Of War, A Murder, And Justice


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$19.49  $17.93
Wildblue Press
Publish Date
June 19, 2018
5.51 X 8.5 X 0.74 inches | 0.91 pounds

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About the Author

Deborah Vadas Levison is an award-winning journalist, publicist, and storyteller, and, also, a child of Holocaust survivors. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, she now lives in Connecticut with one husband, one dog, and three children. Visit her at


"Escaping the horrors of the Holocaust, Levison's parents nestle into a quiet cottage in Muskoka. But trauma ripples into their new life when they discover a crate hidden beneath their sanctuary. Seamless prose, profound emotional texture, and a very human voice help chronicle this unforgettable story. THE CRATE is true crime at its best." - K.J. Howe, bestselling author of THE FREEDOM BROKER and SKYJACK, and Executive Director of ThrillerFest

"Levison opens wide the door to her world full of memories. That is where weread of Hungarian survivors of the Shoah, of escape from oppressive regimes, of brutality andmurder, but also of bravery, love and beauty. Two main true stories, with a time gap of some fiftyyears in between, converge as they happen to the same family. With the writingshifting between documentary and memoir, it becomes hard for the reader to putdown this book. THE CRATE has one problem: sadly, it has to finish. But you can always go back and start rereading it." - Immanuel Mifsud, Ph.D., recipient of theEuropean Union Prize for Literature, poet, and author of IN THE DARK NIGHT WE LOOKED

"THE CRATE combines the horror of one murder with the terror of historical mass murder. A familyretreat in the dark woods north of Toronto, once a haven for a young girl, issoiled by a heinous act of violence. Behind the scenes, survivors of theHolocaust, who outlasted the Nazis, the Russian communists, and even theirown neighbors, try to raise the next generation free from the atrocities theywitnessed. THE CRATE is avital and necessary book that should be read as much for its historical contentas for its entertainment value. Once youbegin reading, this book is hard to put down. Once you are finished, it isimpossible to forget." - Ron Winter, Pulitzer-nominated author of MASTERS OF THE ART, GRANNYSNATCHING, and THE HYPOCRITE

"Levison captured the accuracy of this real life horror. She and her family were thrustinto a police investigation by the very person they trusted. The angle of thisstory is one not often told. THE CRATEhands us bone-chilling facts weaved through a story of survival." - Detective Dave Allen, Lead Investigator(Retired)

"Author Deborah Levison has played a critical role in touching our hearts and mindsthrough retelling the Holocaust stories of her family. She is a truly giftedauthor with a very important message to communicate through her writings. Andshe is an equally gifted speaker, leaving her audience members spellbound, deeply moved, and riveted to their seats. Ata time when the last survivors of the Holocaust are passing away, Levison haspreserved through THE CRATE important stories for future generations to read." - Al Treidel, Educator