The Colliding Worlds Trilogy: The Complete Trilogy: Collision, Implosion, and Explosion

Rachel Aukes (Author)


First contact may be our last.

Beyond our world lies the unknown, countless planets with endless possibilities. On a dark world far from our home, an epic war started a chain reaction, sending two alien races on a collision course with Earth. Secret battles wage on our soil, brewing a cataclysmic war that could change the face of humanity forever. If we can't prevent an alien armageddon, we'll find ourselves fighting forces with technology thousands of years more advanced than ours. The war is on, and time is running out. . .


Sienna Wolfe's life changes when a strange craft crashes near her cabin, and she finds herself in the middle of a bitter battle between two warring alien races, the likes of which could wipe out mankind. As she races to align her new allies with the U.S. military, she may soon learn that her new friends may not be as noble as they seem. Can Sienna prevent an interstellar war from claiming Earth, or will she become the harbinger of an alien apocalypse?


As Sephian forces peck at the Draeken defenses, we soon learn that things are never as simple as right and wrong. Draeken Commander Roden Zyll has spilled plenty of blood in his time, and he cares little for humans. But when he realizes his leader's plan could lead to his people's extinction, he plans a coup. Only one problem: he has to work with the Sephians to succeed. If he fails, every Earth nation will be yanked into a war that no one has a chance of winning.


When a deadly virus is released across the planet, all aliens are quickly blamed. When a mass execution is planned, Captain Jax Jerrick becomes a traitor to the military in order to save the Sephians and the Draeken. After bloody battle, he escapes and joins the resistance committed to holding off the world's military forces while searching for an antivirus. With enemies coming at them from everywhere, can the resistance stop the war before humanity becomes extinct?

Product Details

Price: $22.99  $20.69
Publisher: Waypoint Books
Published Date: November 19, 2018
Pages: 580
Dimensions: 5.5 X 1.17 X 8.5 inches | 1.46 pounds
Language: English
Type: Paperback
ISBN: 9780989901857

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About the Author

Rachel Aukes (@RachelAukes on Wattpad) is the author of 100 Days in Deadland, which made Suspense Magazine's Best of 2013 list. Rachel lives near Des Moines with her husband and an incredibly spoiled sixty-pound lap dog. When not writing, she can be found flying old airplanes and planning for the zombie apocalypse. For more information, visit or find her on Twitter as @RachelAukes.


"Wow, just wow." The Jeep Diva "​A top ten book!" Ashley at Step into Fiction "This couple (Roden and Nalea) is among my favorites... like Cat and Bones good." Smitten with Bad Boy Heroes "The entire Colliding Worlds trilogy--is not to be missed!" Manic Readers