The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Depression: A Step-By-Step Program

William J. Knaus (Author) Albert Ellis (Author)

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$25.95  $23.87
New Harbinger Publications
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June 01, 2012
7.9 X 0.8 X 9.8 inches | 1.45 pounds
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About the Author

William J. Knaus, EdD, is a licensed psychologist with more than forty years of clinical experience in working with people suffering from anxiety and depression. He has appeared on numerous regional and national television shows including the Today Show, and more than 100 radio shows. His ideas have appeared in national magazines such as U.S. News and World Report and Good Housekeeping, and major newspapers such as the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune. He is one of the original directors of training in rational emotive behavior therapy. Knaus is author of twenty books, including The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Anxiety and The Procrastination Workbook.

Foreword writer Albert Ellis, PhD, was a pioneering theorist of cognitive behavioral therapy and the founder of rational emotive behavior therapy. He is author of many books, including A Guide to Rational Living and Reason and Emotion in Psychotherapy.


"There are many self-help books on the market, but many are somewhere between vague and incomprehensible. Not this one. Knaus is a true teacher in the mold of Socrates, an instructor who takes you by the hand and leads you step-by-step to a successful outcome. Depression has become virtually viral during the last few years, and this is a book that promises to relieve the distress and delivers on its promise. And you don't need an advanced degree in psychology to understand the Knaus message. Anyone who can follow the plans to build a model airplane or follow recipe directions can use this book to conquer depression. It is so readable that you'll think Knaus is standing beside you. Without question, he is the country's leading expert on the cognitive-behavioral approach."
--Richard C. Sprinthall, PhD, professor emeritus at American International College and licensed clinical psychologist

"Depression impacts the lives of millions; as many as twenty percent of the world population is affected over a lifetime. A leading cause of disability, depression is a highly serious but largely untreated condition. Knaus presents an up-to-date, evidence-based cognitive behavioral approach that practically anyone can use to defeat and prevent depression. This is probably the best psychological self-help manual on the subject. Besides being immensely beneficial to anyone who reads it, I predict this work will help reduce a lot of suffering in this world. Outstanding!"
--Sanjay Singh, MD, DNB, PhD, rational emotive education (REE) representative in India

"For anyone in the prison of depression, this workbook might help you get out. It's both scholarly and practical, and leaves no stone unturned in laying out self-help strategies for helping deal with this widespread problem."
--Frank Farley, PhD, L. H. Carnell Professor at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, and former president of the American Psychological Association

"William Knaus has been a leading practitioner and teacher of cognitive behavior therapy for over four decades. In The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Depression, he draws from his vast store of experience to provide people who struggle with depression practical, usable strategies they can put to immediate use to not only feel better, but to get better. Written in an engaging, accessible manner, the book is chock full of powerful tools that, when compiled into a personal action plan, can both defeat depression and build a happy, productive life. I think this is a substantial book anyone, not just the depressive, will find valuable, and I highly endorse it for both the lay public and the clinical community alike. I know that I will keep it handy for my own personal reference and repeatedly encourage my clients to purchase it."
--Russell Grieger, PhD, clinical psychologist in private practice, organizational consultant, and adjunct professor at The University of Virginia

"I have waited for this book my entire career! With compassion, flexibility, and scientifically sound earnestness, Knaus helps the depressed reader navigate the wide variety of cognitive behavioral treatments to choose the package that is right for him or her. Second editions often contain few, if any, theoretical concepts and clinical exercises that are significantly different from those in the first edition. Not so with this volume! It is full of fresh ideas and therapeutic assignments that help the motivated depressed individual finally crawl out of self-defeating misery."
--Barry Lubetkin, PhD, ABPP, founder and director of the Institute for Behavior Therapy in New York, NY

"Occasionally a book on depression comes around that is different from the usual dull books on this topic. This is one of those outstanding books. Between its covers, you'll discover a helpful and balanced approach. The ideas can quickly grab your attention, peak your interest, and titillate your sense of humor. I finished this book smiling, feeling lighter, and being better able to help those suffering from depression."
--Rev. Thomas A. Downes, PhD, master chaplain at the Academy of Certified Chaplains, REBT supervisor, and cofounder of the Order of Universal Interfaith

"Knaus has admirably culled the best treatments for depression from the field of cognitive behavioral therapy and integrated them into a highly readable and useful program of self-help. Although the seminal work of Albert Ellis informs the approach, many other contributions to the understanding of depression are seamlessly included. Everyone who wants to know more about clinical depression and its proven treatments can benefit from this comprehensive account."
--Richard L. Wessler, PhD, emeritus professor of psychology in New York, NY, and developer of cognitive appraisal therapy

"Knaus has written much more than a workbook. This is an uncommonly excellent guide for students, mental health practitioners, and those suffering from depression. He takes complex cognitive behavioral theory and makes it readily understandable. Moreover, by copious use of charts, diagrams, graphics, and questionnaires, he shows how this treatment for depression can be readily applied. This workbook is a self-help pearl as well as a psychotherapeutic gem."
--V. Rev. Fr. George Morelli, PhD, licensed clinical psychologist, marriage and family therapist, and chairman of the department of chaplain and pastoral counseling of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese

"In this second edition of The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Depression, Knaus eloquently and compassionately converts a three-pronged truth about depression--that it is a time-limited state of mind that can be remedied through activity--into a set of incredibly powerful cognitive behavioral tools for defeating depression. Helping you to identify and refute irrational thoughts that may be keeping you depressed, Knaus gently guides you to take action. Read this book, do the exercises, and don't just find out how to conquer your depression--actually do it!
--Elliot D. Cohen, PhD, author of The Dutiful Worrier

"Knaus has again produced a handbook that is filled with useful ideas and practical exercises to help people overcome a wide variety of challenges. He takes a simple approach with explanations and examples that give people confidence that they can get started without great difficulty. The handbook includes lots of ways to track progress and document the results of exercises, and employs a graduated approach by beginning with simple, less challenging exercises and progressively building to much more challenging issues. Knaus' book should prove very helpful to anyone wanting to improve their handling of many of life's challenges."
--James W. Thompson, PhD, business psychologist