Tamed by a Bear: Coming Home to Nature-Spirit-Self

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About the Author

Priscilla Stuckey is a writer and spiritual counselor with a passion for reconnecting people with nature, including their own natures. Her first book, Kissed by a Fox: And Other Stories of Friendship in Nature, won the 2013 WILLA Award in Creative Nonfiction. Stuckey received a PhD from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, in religious studies and feminist theory. She has taught humanities and writing in the graduate programs of Prescott College and Naropa University. She lives at the base of the Sandia Mountains near Albuquerque with her partner, Tim, and their dog, Bodhi.


Praise for Tamed by a Bear

"Stuckey's book teaches me to pay attention to the other beings accompanying us on our daily journeys. Whether we listen to their voices or not will make the difference in our future together." --Daily Camera (Boulder)

"Many seek deeper self-understanding and want to live sustainably with nautre. Through dialogue, the author's newfound spirit helper, named bear, has been guiding her toward a nature-based spirituality." --Albuquerque Journal

"Writer and religious studies professor Stuckey draws on wisdom learned from nature about how to listen and trust our own perceptions more deeply." --Publishers Weekly

"What would the voice of aware consciousness sound like and say, if I could listen deeply enough? In Tamed by a Bear, Priscilla Stuckey shines a brilliant light on the relationship we long to cultivate with the deepest wellsprings of our wisdom and love. With Bear, her animal Helper, she shares her Journey to a life of communion between spirit and our physical nature. This is a groundbreaking book, written with extraordinary clarity, beauty, and radical honesty." --Gail D. Storey, author of I Promise Not to Suffer: A Fool for Love Hikes the Pacific Crest Trail, winner of the National Outdoor Book Award

"What do you do once your last, best dream is fulfilled? After publishing her first book, Priscilla Stuckey feels surprisingly lost. In an effort to find her path, she embarks with some skepticism on a journey, a shamanic journey, and takes us with her every step of the way. Written with grace and simplicity--and luminous descriptions of nature--each of the 67 short chapters embodies a teaching. And the fact that Priscilla's spirit guide is a friendly and cheerful bear keeps things grounded, and invites us along for the ride. As Priscilla finds her path unfolding, one step at a time, we too are shown how to listen deeply and find more acceptance and joy ... and a deeper relationship with all of life. Like Bear, this book is warm, engaging, and wise. A journey worth taking." --Rivvy Neshama, author of award-winning Recipes for a Sacred Life: True Stories and a Few Miracles

"In Priscilla Stuckey's latest book, we are warmly encouraged to enjoy rearranging our lives to honour our relations in the larger-than-human world. This is not another DIY shamanism or self-help manual. It is an intimate reflection on listening, on trusting our senses, on being in the world. It is about rooting ourselves in concern for well-being for everyone we know and encounter, including ourselves." --Graham Harvey, Open University, UK, author of Animism: Respecting the Living World and editor of Shamanism: A Reader

"With wisdom and a sweet tempo, Priscilla shares her process of trust and receiving through a beautifully envisaged and shaped journey." --Joanie Clingan, Prescott College, Faculty Emeritus in Sustainability Education and Arts & Humanities

"Dialogue is a staple format in mystical writings, and for good reason. Whether we're eavesdropping on Arjuna and Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, or the pilgrim and his staretz in Way of a Pilgrim, the conversations can quickly start to feel personal, because in a very real sense, Arjuna is just a stand-in for you and me; his questions are uncannily close to the ones we ourselves would raise if we could. Taking up a shamanic practice brought Priscilla Stuckey to the infinitely wise and tender teacher she calls, simply, 'Bear.' Their conversations, recorded in Stuckey's lovely new book, prove definitively that the mystical dialogue is alive and well. More than that, I believe they demonstrate the age-old power of the format itself--to draw us in and make us feel that Bear is our teacher too--our staretz, our Krishna." --Carol Lee Flinders, author of Enduring Grace: Living Portraits of Seven Women Mystics

"Tamed by a Bear is an adventure story, about an inner journey available to us all. Author Priscilla Stuckey shares with honesty and insight her relationship with Bear, the spirit guide and helper who appears in her inner world to teach her about the things we need to know most: joy, relationship, receiving help, and welcoming the adventure or everyday life. Her stories delight and challenge us to consider the inter-beingness of reality and the wealth of support and guidance that is available to us all. It lifted me, reminded me of what I thought I could never forget. And I am grateful." --Oriah "Mountain Dreamer" House, author of The Invitation

"Every page of this book sparkles with wise, clear, profoundly important insight that will resonate with anyone seeking reconciliation and communion with the Earth community. This is spiritual wisdom earned by quieting enough to receive guidance from within and without. In a time when technological clamor threatens to overwhelm our lives and devastate the planet, Priscilla Stuckey offers a simple, but not easy, path forward through the noise. This is essential reading for any spiritual or ecological warrior." --Elizabeth Allison, PhD, Founder and Chair of the Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion graduate program at the California Institute of Integral Studies

"Tamed by a Bear is a wonderful surprise! Not only will this book change the way you see the world, it will change your life. With artistry, mastery, and patience, Priscilla Stuckey, along with the help of Bear, breaks through the barriers of the skeptical mind and invites the reader to share in the intimate dialogue between a human and their unseen Helper. This book is not another philosophical discourse on the relationship between nature and spirit. Nor is it an abstract discussion about the value of invisible realities. Rather, it is a love story between two very real beings--Stuckey and Bear--who together will open both your heart and mind." --Betsy Perluss, PhD, Wilderness Guide, School of Lost Borders

"In Tamed by a Bear, Priscilla Stuckey chronicles her journey into the heart of this numinous living world, guided by a stunningly wise and delightfully down-to-earth bear spirit. This story is an extraordinary and courageous gift, full of wisdom riding on the shoulders of joy. And of course, as Bear says, love, the thing we humans do best, and which we need so much more of, especially now. May we all learn to listen to the rich wisdom of nature and spirit, and may we all find more joy, wonder, trust, and, yes, love along the way, as Stuckey has with Bear." --Susan J. Tweit, author of Walking Nature Home: A Life's Journey

"An open-hearted, playful account of learning to listen to the wisdom of interconnection." --Elizabeth Enslin, author of While the Gods Were Sleeping: A Journey Through Love and Rebellion in Nepal

Praise for Kissed by a Fox, winner of the 2013 WILLA Award in Creative Nonfiction

"Through a tenderly woven collection of essays that blend personal reflections with spirituality, philosophy, animal behaviorism, evolution, geology and ecology, first-time author Stuckey explores the great rift between the living, breathing world and the modern culture bent on developing and destroying it...the language [is] lyrical, possessing a poet's cleverness of rhythm...[An] entertaining and emotionally resonant book." --Publishers Weekly

"Stuckey's book does make you look differently at the things around you, not just your dog or cat, but the trees you carelessly brush by on your way to the bus stop, or the squirrel that darts across your path. . . . That is her point--for us to finally see nature, to remember to take in that beauty as we saunter by. . . . It's a book about hope." --Seattle Star

"Filled with poetry, cultural history, and a variety of religious and philosophical perspectives, this unusual memoir is both mind-expanding and heartwarming."
--Bas Bleu

"Kissed by a Fox will make you think about life and nature in a different way."
--Temple Grandin, author of Animals in Translation

"An amazing philosophical memoir that weaves together the author's personal stories of 'friendship in nature' with an insightful history of Western thought, or failure of thought, on nature and the environment."
--Julene Bair, author of The Ogallala Road and One Degree West

"Prophetic calls to live more justly are rarely as beautiful as Priscilla Stuckey's Kissed by a Fox. We are offered stories of intertwined lives, encounters between members of different species, discoveries of intimacies with rocks, plants, galaxies, pets, and wild things. We are invited to build an Earth-friendly culture by simply living more respectfully among others. It is a compelling call."
--Graham Harvey, author of Animism: Respecting the Living World

"A courageous book that beautifully illustrates how personal practices that deepen our relationships with all the beings among whom we live enable us to participate in a rejuvenating conversation with an animate Earth." --Cormac Cullinan, author of Wild Law and coauthor of The Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth

"Kissed by a Fox is an elegant and moving work of art." --Marilyn Krysl, author of Dinner with Osama and Swear the Burning Vow

"Priscilla Stuckey explores our Western spiritual and political choices and argues for a new approach to nature, all of it. Her argument for a wider definition of justice, for a new understanding of stewardship, is compelling, and [she] has shaped it into an artful and engaging narrative. . . . I bought a copy of her book as a gift before I'd even completed this review. It's that good." --Susan Schoch, Story Circle Network

"So okay, Kissed by a Fox, I figure cool metaphor, right? Nope. The fox was real, and so was the kiss. Reader, prepare yourself . . . I love Priscilla Stuckey's book for its honesty, its lyrical evocations of the natural world, its wry humor, but above all for the compelling stories inside of stories inside of stories, all of which conspire to persuade us that we are critters--gloriously so, set down in a world of critters no less wondrous than ourselves, and that if we can just follow through on this understanding we stand to gain just about everything."
--Carol Lee Flinders, author of Rebalancing the World

"Kissed by a Fox is a work of the soul by a naturally gifted writer. Priscilla Stuckey tackles one of the most elusive subjects: the relationship of the human spirit to the rest of the natural world, and the impact on our humanity when we distance ourselves from it. This is a book of healing."
--Richard Louv, author of The Nature Principle and Last Child in the Woods

"Priscilla Stuckey's treatment of the relations between religious communities and nature is the best I've ever read. And her beautiful writing both warms my heart and brings shivers of heartache and understanding." --Stephen Jones, coauthor of Peterson Field Guide to the North American Prairie, Colorado Nature Almanac, Butterflies of the Colorado Front Range, and Wild Boulder County