Stuff That Sucks: A Teen's Guide to Accepting What You Can't Change and Committing to What You Can


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About the Author

Ben Sedley is a clinical psychologist and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) practitioner with over fifteen years of experience working with adolescents and families facing mental health difficulties. Sedley's research and practice has focused on examining children and young people's understanding of mental health, which has helped guide him on the best ways to explain mental health concepts and ACT to young people.


"I love Stuff That Sucks! It is a pithy, genuine, and skillful application of ACT for adolescents. As a compassion-focused therapy (CFT) practitioner, I think this book is a wonderful way to help adolescents meet the stuff that sucks in their lives with acceptance, self-compassion, and the courageous willingness to get their lives moving toward the things that matter to them. I can guarantee that I'll be using it with my own clients. Highly recommended!"
--Russell Kolts, PhD, professor of psychology at Eastern Washington University, and author of CFT Made Simple and The Compassionate-Mind Guide to Managing Your Anger

"Undoubtedly, sometimes life sucks. It can be difficult, painful, and filled with big scary things. And within this realization, opens up a whole new way to approach these experiences--one without constant fighting and struggling with thoughts and feelings that are often out of our control. In this book, Ben brings together the cutting-edge ideas from psychology to help you mindfully choose the life you want. It's written in a simple and fun way to make it useful for young people and parents alike. Written with wisdom and wit, this outstanding book is set to become a self-help classic."
--Joe Oliver, PhD, director at Contextual Consulting, and coauthor of ACTivate Your Life
"In Stuff That Sucks, Ben Sedley takes the key elements of ACT, and presents them in ways that are immediately accessible, relatable, and actionable. Indeed, I would rate it as a must-have for every adolescent's bookshelf."
--Tiffany Rochester, clinical psychologist at The Charles Street Clinic in North Perth, Australia
"I love this book! It's a great gift for parents to give their teenage kids, and a fantastic resource for therapists working with adolescents. Ben admirably pulls off the hat trick of making ACT simple, practical, and very entertaining. Stuff That Sucks is really stuff that rocks!"
--Russ Harris, author of The Happiness Trap and ACT Made Simple

"Fast-paced, fun, and useful, this book shows how to deal with stuff that sucks. It's all scientifically based, but you'll be having too much fun to notice. This book absolutely, positively, does not suck."
--Steven C. Hayes, PhD, codeveloper of ACT, and author of Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life

"Put simply, Stuff That Sucks is good stuff! Short and to the point, it can help teens from thirteen to at least forty-nine learn to handle life's yucky stuff in a way that will help them get to the good stuff. Far from being a stuffy psych book, this is a concise how-to guide to the stuff that really counts: living a life free from getting stuffed by the stuff that sucks."
--Benjamin Schoendorff, MA, MSc, founder of the Contextual Psychology Institute in Montreal, QC, Canada; international acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) trainer; and coauthor of the recent The Essential Guide to the ACT Matrix and The ACT Practitioner's Guide to the Science of Compassion
"There's no getting around it: some things in life suck. With this basic premise, this empathetic book guides readers through some of the inevitable bummers of the teenage years. Sedley, a clinical psychologist and an experienced practitioner of family and adolescent therapy, presents plenty of generalized problems and issues that are common among young people, and offers potential solutions and ideas to combat them. Confronting negative thoughts and feelings is the basic strategy of the acceptance and commitment therapy that Sedley puts forth. He describes skills that can help readers stop trying to fight against their unwanted emotions and cope with inevitable setbacks. Sedley's credibility is bolstered by his openness about not having the answer to every problem or question faced by readers; rather, he encourages kids to look for strategies that work for them. Some exercises are written, while others are behavioral or observational. At its core, the book is a self-help tract on learning to accept one's emotions that will serve readers through their adolescence and beyond."
"Ben Sedley has written a wonderful book for teens. A must-have for the collection.
Stuff That Sucks delivers with powerful images, clear messages on what it means to be a human, and lots of ideas for helping teens. A fabulous book."
--Louise Hayes, PhD, coauthor of The Thriving Adolescent and Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life for Teens