Spirit Run: A 6,000-Mile Marathon Through North America's Stolen Land


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About the Author

NOÉ ÁLVAREZ was born to Mexican immigrant parents and raised working-class in Yakima, Washington. He holds degrees in philosophy and creative writing from Whitman College and Emerson College, respectively. He studied conflict analysis, peacemaking, and conflict resolution at American University and in Northern Ireland, received a fellowship at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School, and researched U.S. drug policy, military aid, and human rights issues in Colombia's Putumayo jungles. He lives in Boston, where, until recently, he worked as a security officer at the Boston Athenæum.


Praise for Spirit Run

A New York Times Book Review Editors' Choice
Library Journal, A 2020 Title to Watch
Smithsonian Magazine, 1 of 10 New Travel Books to Read when You're Stuck at Home
Remezcla, 1 of 15 Books by Latino and Latin American Authors to Add to Your Reading List This Year
Paperback Paris, 1 of the 10 Most-Anticipated New Books of the Month

"A beautiful read." --Ari Shapiro, All Things Considered, NPR

"Lyrical . . . Spirit Run: A 6,000-Mile Marathon Through North America's Stolen Land--part travelogue, part traditional memoir--comes face to face with the many strands of [Álvarez's] inheritance, revisiting Carver territory while treading a new path . . . The story of the striving, first-generation kid made good is a familiar one; Álvarez makes his ache." --Danielle Jackson, The New York Times Book Review

"Yakima native Álvarez debuts with a spellbinding narrative of his coming to terms with his place in America today . . . In electric prose, Álvarez writes of returning home and forging a new connection with the land and its communities . . . This literary tour de force beautifully combines outdoor adventure with a sharp take on immigration." --Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Spirit Run is an eloquently written memoir by a young man straddling the world of his Mexican immigrant parents in the migrant-worker community of Yakima, Washington, and the mainstream society that beckons after he receives a full-ride scholarship to college . . . A powerful American coming-of-age story about a Mexican American who seeks to embrace his heritage while forging his own path forward. Certain to make a lasting impression on readers across generations and backgrounds, all of whom will be inspired by the young Álvarez." --Booklist, (starred review)

"The story of Mexican American Álvarez will speak directly to teens forging their way in the adult world." --Booklist (YA) (starred review)

"A swift-moving lope across the continent . . . A thoughtful first book that should inspire others to lace up their running shoes and get moving." --Kirkus Reviews

"Álvarez has established himself as an important voice for second-generation Americans who too often are made to feel as if they are outsiders in their native country. His story represents a powerful reclaiming of his right to belong." --Christie Aschwanden, The Washington Post

"Not only is it a striking story about coming of age and reconciling identity and history, but also about immigration and capitalism and how these are tied to labor and the land in inextricable ways. Is it also a story about long-distance running in a variety of landscapes? Sure. But it's also about a hell of a lot more, too." --Jaime Herndon, Book Riot, 1 of 9 of the Best Nonfiction Books about Nature and Climate Change

"Emotional . . . The book chronicles not only that epic run in 2004 but also the background of the author and his immigrant parents." --Rich Tenorio, The Guardian

"This memoir tells the incredible story of a young working-class man in agricultural Washington state who achieves a full-ride scholarship to a prestigious private school and gives it up to join indigenous runners on a trek from Alaska to Argentina . . . Álvarez's writing is vibrant and immediate." --Wendy J. Fox, BuzzFeed

"[Álvarez's] memoir Spirit Run recounts how a grueling ultramarathon offered a powerful spiritual reckoning with his ancestors, the land and himself . . . A beautiful amalgamation of Álvarez's part in the PDJ run from the brutal toll it took on his knees, the bonds he forged with other runners (and the arguments that arose), his run-in with a mountain lion--all while harkening back to poignant passages of his parents' migration story, with thematic connections to the run's ever-shifting spiritual focus." --Katherine Ouellette, WBUR's The ARTery

"Alvarez's decision to discover his roots and learn how he could make a difference in issues that mattered took real courage. It was a resolution that passes from his mind to his feet as he pushes through thirst, hunger, animal encounters, hostile townspeople and disputes among exhausted running mates. Through participating in Ceremonial Circles, he becomes part of each culture he journeys through, of each landscape he explores." --Laura Clark, American Trail Running Association

"A remarkable account of a 6,000-mile ultramarathon relay through North America." --Molly Mirhashem, Outside

"When the son of two Mexican immigrants hears about the Peace and Dignity Journeys--'epic marathons meant to renew cultural connections across North America'--he's compelled enough to drop out of college and sign up for one. Spirit Run is Noé Álvarez's account of the four months he spends trekking from Canada to Guatemala alongside Native Americans representing nine tribes, all of whom are seeking brighter futures through running, self-exploration, and renewed relationships with the land they've traversed." --Becky Wade, Runner's World, One of the New Running Books of the Year

"[Spirit Run is] more than another tale of blistered feet and dehydration. It's about the immigrant experience, about the indigenous experience--and finding one's place as a witness when you're neither." --Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon

"A gorgeous rendering of both the physical challenges involved in running 6,000 miles as well as the different kinds of landscapes Álvarez and the PDJ crew traversed." --Alejandra Oliva, Remezcla

"Álvarez's story is awe-inspiring and full of wisdom about how to live with integrity, compassion, and love." --Rebecca Hussey, Book Riot

"Álvarez explores his Indigenous Mexican identity through acts of endurance, survival, and self-discovery . . . Running is an act of prayer that transcends gender, race, and nationality." --Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert, Sierra

"This awe-inspiring debut memoir traverses 6,000 miles and is peopled by the unforgettable cast of characters." --Katie Yee, Literary Hub, 1 of 10 New Books to Add to Your TBR Pile

"Powerful." --Daniel Modlin, The Daily Beast

"Álvarez maps not only the land but his own body; his own relationship to people, earth, and ancestry; and the perils of capitalist frameworks that shape our lives on this land. Spirit Run is a running book, a social and environmental justice book, an anti-capitalist book, and an epic journey book." --Book Marks

"Like the act of running, and like Álvarez's PDJ experience, Spirit Run is a complex, thought-provoking journey shot through with flashes of glory and hope." --Katie Noah Gibson, Shelf Awareness (starred review)

"This book is not like any other out there. You will see this country in a fresh way, and you might see aspects of your own soul. A beautiful run." --Luís Alberto Urrea, author of The House of Broken Angels

"Spirit Run is the story of what brown bodies must do to reclaim identity and dignity. In language that puts us not only in the shoes but in the skin of the displaced, Álvarez takes back Raymond Carver country and tells an electric, kinetic, modern working-class story. So few books make me sweat and cry. Spirit Run has summoned breath and energy out of me." --Cinelle Barnes, author of Monsoon Mansion and Malaya

"Noé Álvarez's words beat with the pulse of our hemisphere. Through them, we encounter Mexican, Indigenous, and migrant stories that are distinctly, defiantly American. Spirit Run is an anthem to the landscape that holds our identities and traumas, and its profound power to heal them." --Francisco Cantú, author of The Line Becomes a River

"Like all the best running books, Spirit Run is about much more than clocking up the miles. Álvarez's journey honors the migration story of his parents and the arduous crossings made by so many other Americans. Spirit Run is a stunning memoir that moves to the rhythm of feet, labor, and the many landscapes of the Americas." --Catriona Menzies-Pike, author of The Long Run

"Spirit Run is a remarkable book. In gentle, minimalist, profound prose, Noé Álvarez writes about his once-undocumented parents before going on to run thousands of miles with Indigenous people. He finds his own magic." --Douglas Whynott, author of The Sugar Season

"'I know now that every bit of earth contains the sacredness of another person's existence, ' says Noé Álvarez in this riveting debut memoir, which ruminates on the relationship of the body to the landscape and what it means to call a place home. This account of a run is also a journey into the mind that, after incredible tests of endurance and faith, blurs the distinction between running and prayer. Spirit Run offers a distinct vision of the risks we must take to attain a life worth living." --Marcelo Hernandez Castillo, author of Cenzontle

"A thoughtful, immersive debut memoir. Noé Álvarez grew up in central Washington state, where his parents worked in the fruit industry. Uncertain about his future, he leaves college to join the Peace and Dignity Journeys. Organized by Indigenous activists of the Americas, these quadrennial spiritual runs cover thousands of miles, beginning in Alaska and Argentina and meeting in Central America, connecting communities separated by political borders. Engrossing and beautifully written." --Julie Graham, Yakima Valley Libraries (Yakima, WA)