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Robert Davies (Author)


Faced with overwhelming odds, they'll have to fight to survive..

Astronaut. Repairman. Prisoner. CenturoCorp engineer Darrien Norris begins a journey across Terran Colonial space to restore a broken mining machine on a distant, mineral harvest world. It was supposed to be routine--a good run to finish his career--but his shuttle is thrown without warning from its course by an unseen power and survival becomes the only thing that matters. Catapulted across half the galaxy to a violent and hostile place, Norris has been left to survive or die inside an inescapable, alien horror merely for the crime of being lost--of being human. Escape is his purpose, but what he finds in the grinding, desperate fight to live will forever change the path of human history.

Product Details

Price: $27.95
Publisher: BHC Press
Published Date: December 19, 2019
Pages: 472
Dimensions: 5.98 X 1.19 X 9.02 inches | 1.86 pounds
ISBN: 9781643970813

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About the Author

Robert Davies is a born-and-raised Michigan kid with an overactive imagination and love of literature that eventually became a disease, curable only through the odd, frustrating therapy of writing fiction. A Navy veteran, musician, private pilot and erstwhile traveler, he crossed oceans and countless borders to find and understand Earth, only to leave it behind in the pages of his first novel. Released from the University of Portland with a Bachelor's in Journalism, Rob has spent the last twenty years as a contract manager in the information technology and telecommunications industries. He currently lives in southwest Washington with his wife Stephanie, daughter Natalie and four mildly overbearing female tabbies.


Fantastic book. Wonderfully complex plot with various mysteries gradually being revealed leading to a satisfying ending. This has all the hallmarks of becoming an epic. LibraryThing Early Reviewers