Spacetime and Geometry: An Introduction to General Relativity

Sean M. Carroll (Author)


Spacetime and Geometry is an introductory textbook on general relativity, specifically aimed at students. Using a lucid style, Carroll first covers the foundations of the theory and mathematical formalism, providing an approachable introduction to what can often be an intimidating subject. Three major applications of general relativity are then discussed: black holes, perturbation theory and gravitational waves, and cosmology. Students will learn the origin of how spacetime curves (the Einstein equation) and how matter moves through it (the geodesic equation). They will learn what black holes really are, how gravitational waves are generated and detected, and the modern view of the expansion of the universe. A brief introduction to quantum field theory in curved spacetime is also included. A student familiar with this book will be ready to tackle research-level problems in gravitational physics.

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Cambridge University Press
Publish Date
September 12, 2019
7.3 X 9.8 X 1.1 inches | 2.8 pounds
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About the Author

Sean Carroll is an assistant professor in the Physics Department, Enrico Fermi Institute, and Center for Cosmological Physics at the University of Chicago. His research ranges over a number of topics in theoretical physics, focusing on cosmology, field theory, and gravitation. He received his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1993, and spent time as a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT and the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has been awarded fellowships from the Sloan and Packard foundations, as well as the MIT Graduate Student Council Teaching Award. For more information, see his Web site at http: // carroll


'An excellent graduate text in general relativity written with an informal yet sophisticated style. It provides an efficient introduction to the gravitational physics essential for today's understanding of black holes, gravitational waves, and the universe.' Jim Hartle, University of California, Santa Barbara
'... the best book on contemporary gravitational physics for beginning graduate students to established researchers. It will remain one of the leading textbooks on gravity for years to come.' Renata Kallosh, Stanford University, California
'Carroll brings a relaxed authority to the teaching of general relativity at the graduate level. The text is beautifully written and succeeds in linking modern mathematical formalism to physical applications.' Roger Blandford, Stanford University, California
'This book is a gem. Carroll's course at Massachusetts Institute of Technology remains legendary and this book can be expected to spread the legend worldwide. Carroll give a clear, well-motivated, and lively development of general relativity.' Alan Guth, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
'I recommend the book for those who know little about GR but want to learn more; it is a useful bridge between more-qualitative or even popular introductions and more-advanced textbooks.' Phillip Helbig, The Observatory