Sonic Warrior: My Life as a Rock N Roll Reprobate: Tales of Sex, Drugs, and Vomiting at Inopportune Moments

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About the Author

Lou Brutus, for lack of a better term, is a Professional Music Fan. He's lives the dream of millions by traveling the Earth attending concerts and interviewing rock stars. He's spent his life blasting tunes on the radio, becoming the first to play all your favorite bands, and gaining access to literally thousands of music events. He has severe hearing damage. Lou has smoked weed with Hunter S. Thompson and Snoop Dogg, chugged ale with Spinal Tap's "Stonehenge" dwarfs, been in a tour bus that ran over a guy on the NJ Turnpike, and puked on the floor of many of the world's most prestigious concert venues. He also sings in a couple of crazy bands, one of which has gotten him death threats. If he sells enough copies of this book he will buy a KISS pinball machine. Brutus lives outside Washington, DC with his family, including Darla the Wonder Dog, subsisting on a diet of black coffee, Rock N Roll, and tinnitus.


"Grab a bottle of wine and let Brutus lure you in this musical and literary adventure. Sonic Warrior garners an A rating."
--Digital Journal

"Lou may refer to himself as a Grumpy Old Punk but that's not how I've ever known him. To me Lou is a perennial teenager who is as excited about Rock & Roll as he was the first time he heard it. His constant yet evolving love of the music has led him to become one of the best radio personalities, interviewers, and documentarians the Rock world has ever known."
--Noodles of The Offspring

"I've known Lou for most of my career, and in that time I've never encountered anyone as knowledgeable, focused, determined and yes, RESPECTFUL. He's a fierce supporter of rock and music in general. Not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. One of the best in the biz."
--David Draiman, Disturbed

"I value Lou for bringing an unrivaled integrity to the world of Hard Rock reporting. His honest discussions are straight from the heart on both sides of the mic. He makes artists and fans worlds collide in the best possible way."
--Zacky Vengeance, Avenged Sevenfold

"There's nothing more inspiring than a person in love with what they're doing. When you run in to Lou at a festival he has that look of amazement in his eyes as if he just heard an electric guitar for the first time and he just has to let the world know. That passion and love for the music and the stories waiting to be told is what makes him such a master of his craft."
--Johannes Eckerström, Avatar

"Who is this Lou Brutus? Where is he? What is he all about? We've gotten to know each other over the years, very well. We've run into each other at countless festivals, we've talked about all things music, and he's always been a giant supporter of my bands from the very beginning. Lou is a mainstay of rock n roll. He's a pioneer, and a legend. To top it off he's one hell of a human being. He cares about people, and people care about him. A lot. There aren't many in this business that I look forward to seeing and talking to. Lou is someone I always look forward to seeing. I look forward to having conversations with him. Meaningful conversations. He's brilliant and he's got so many great stories to tell. Here's to Lou Brutus!"
--Adam Gontier, Saint Asonia

"Of all the people I've worked with or met in my time in the music industry very few have earned the near universal respect and affection that Lou Brutus has. I think that's because he is such a fan of rock music, the people who make it, and most importantly the people who listen to it. Lou's love of music and the industry is palpable and infectious. So regardless of if you're a creator or a listener, just being around Lou and his love for music is a genuine gift. I think that's why he is consistently welcome back stage for a chat, in the photo pit, and in the crowd. He's rock music's biggest fan and we all, creators and fans alike, appreciate what Lou does."
--Phil LaBonte, All That Remains

"Lou Brutus is the funniest, smartest, most irreverent rock and roll storyteller I know, and Sonic Warrior is a must-read for anybody who has ever waited in line for a concert ticket or hoped to score a backstage pass. Imagine if Hunter S. Thompson had spent 35 years working in radio instead of chronicling bikers and politicians . . . he still wouldn't have written a book as good as Sonic Warrior."
--Joe Oestreich, Author of Hitless Wonder: A Life in Minor League Rock and Roll

"There are musicians that make the music, there are fans looking to feed their never-ending hunger for great music, and then there is that "Conduit" in the middle. That person with a resume of integrity in "knowing" music--a bigger-than-life voice! A tastemaker that earns the respect, trust, and friendship of both musicians and music fans alike. A voice that turns the fans onto great music and helps to turn those musicians into rock stars. Lou Brutus is that conduit and more! Giving intelligent interviews, curating incredible radio playlists, identifying "The Next Big Thing" in new music, capturing Rock (and baseball) moments in time (often with his camera, which always seems to be with him), Master Of Ceremonies at major concerts, and last but not least, singing in his own Punk Band. Lou Brutus LIVES MUSIC! Lou Brutus is ROCK! But down South we just say, "That Yankee Lou Brutus is a Good Ol' Boy!"
--Jesse James Dupree, Jackyl

"Lou Brutus is the most genuine radio guy in the biz. He's gone above and beyond for us since the day we met. A class act and a true to the bone music fan as well."
--Alecia Mixi Demner, Stitched Up Heart

"At this point we've all heard that rock is dead. Nobody ever told Lou Brutus. The man has been waving the rock & roll flag through the whole 'rock is dead' hysteria in music and this world is better for it. As a band that prides ourselves on brotherhood and the strength we share, Lou personifies the grit inherent in all fans of heavy music. His encyclopedic knowledge in the space is unsurpassed and if you wonder if he has strong opinions, yes. For sure. Lou's not just a DJ, a writer, photographer, or a 'personality'--he's one of us. The pics you see of him on stage or chilling with a band don't reflect the grind behind it all. He's forged lasting friendships with us and countless other artists--a true friend and a crucial ally in our war against mediocrity."
--Zoltan Bathory, Five Finger Death Punch

"Lou Brutus has been my good friend for decades and with this memoir masterpiece about the Lou I know (an extremely accomplished, complex, well-read, collector, rock historian, photographer and much more) I'm hoping to be reading my own ordered copy of Sonic Warrior. Maybe I'll have to rewrite what I wrote in the 2nd edition printing of the bestseller! A big thanks to you, Lou, just for being you!"
--Rick Nielsen, Cheap Trick

"It is an objective reality that rock no longer has the same share of the mainstream limelight that it once had. As a result, it seems that many voices have distanced themselves from the genre. Lou, however, has only dug in more. Furthermore, while those in his position are often passive and reactionary, waiting to be told what is "worthy" or "cool", Lou actively seeks bands out and makes his own assessments. In the case of my own band, he was there from the beginning when we were as yet small and unproven. I've seen the same for many of my peers. This continued passion and fandom is a testament to Lou's love for the genre--especially when you consider that he has rubbed elbows and befriended so many of the greatest. His ability to have an engaged and nuanced interest in the newest crop of bands while being fully enmeshed with the biggest bands out there solidifies his position as a true tastemaker and the narrator of rock. In short, he is a treasure to the genre."
--Dustin Bates, Starset

"Lou Brutus has got to be the most knowledgeable, die-hard music fan I've ever met. Always supporting bands of all genres. I've been lucky enough to have known him my entire 22 year career. He's flown the flag for my band, as well as so many others, throughout his career in the music industry. Whether it's doing an interview with him (which are always the best), or just talking baseball, he's always been my favorite person to talk too. My dear friend Lou. I love you, buddy."
--Morgan Rose, Sevendust