Solar Reboot

Matthew D Hunt (Author)


Is it the end of the world?

When the solar flares first erupt, Cameron tries to rationalize the disaster away. The electrical grid will come back up. The government will reassure the panicked populace. The hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes will abate. Most importantly, Cameron's husband and daughter will get home safely from New York City.

Instead, Cameron finds herself alone as the world tears itself apart.

Her best hope for refuge is the family's isolated cabin, but distance isn't the only obstacle Cameron faces. Society has been destroyed, and a bunch of scared, confused people are trying to figure out how to survive. They need a leader with a firm grip on reality and a steady hand, but does Cameron want the responsibility of so many lives?

Meanwhile, Cameron's family travels across a ruined America in a quest to reunite with her. Alex believes that his wife is safe at their cabin in the Pacific Northwest, but he doesn't know if his diabetic daughter, Piper, can survive the journey without access to insulin. As father and daughter fight to survive, they bear witness to not only the horrific violence desperation unleashes but also the grace and compassion of ordinary people.

Product Details

Price: $24.99
Publisher: Matthew D. Hunt
Published Date: July 26, 2017
Pages: 328
Dimensions: 5.5 X 0.88 X 8.5 inches | 1.21 pounds
Language: English
Type: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780692916711

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About the Author

Matthew lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and three children, two cats, and a fish. He recently made a life change and started working in film as an actor/producer/writer, which set him on the path to this book. His youngest child is a ninja princess, his middle child is an aspiring time machine creator (or endocrinologist, he hasn't quite decided yet) and also a type 1 diabetic, and his oldest child is a tween girl, so this book could have easily turned into a horror or situational comedy. The two cats and the fish don't seem to care that there even is a book. When Matthew isn't working, he enjoys playing with his children and their RC cars, and whatever other goofy game they come up with and volunteering at their school. Matthew's other passions include: Coffee.


"This tale's sharp focus on imperfect but appealing characters sets it apart from standard genre fare." -- Kirkus Reviews