Silent City: (Pete Fernandez Book 1)


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Polis Books
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About the Author

Alex Segura is a novelist, comic book writer, and musician. He's the best-selling author of the Archie Meets Kiss storyline and SVP at Red Circle/Archie Comics. Alex also performs regularly in New York as part of the indie rock group Faulkner Detectives. He lives in New York with his wife and two cats, and is a Miami native.


Outstanding praise for SILENT CITY

"Murder, mayhem, Miami...and every character has their own great taste in music. Silent City knows that every city has its own dark and twisted personality. And so do its inhabitants. Take a chance and step inside."
--Brad Meltzer, #1 New York Times bestselling author of THE INNER CIRCLE, as well as the bestsellers THE TENTH JUSTICE, DEAD EVEN, THE FIRST COUNSEL, THE MILLIONAIRES, THE ZERO GAME, THE BOOK OF FATE and THE BOOK OF LIES

"Segura's command of tight plotting and realistic characters keeps this energetic debut on track."
--The Miami Herald

"In Silent City, Segura shines a light on a Miami not often seen, one in which neon and glitz are supplanted by the hardscrabble grit of folks just trying to get by. Silent City is a coiled snake, twist after twist bringing you ever closer to its final, stinging bite."
--Chris F. Holm, bestselling author of DEAD HARVEST, THE WRONG GOODBYE and THE BIG REAP

"Miami glows hot in this debut - Alex Segura is a name to watch." --Jeff Abbott, New York Times bestselling author of DOWNFALL

"Silent City screams off the page! Someone lock Alex Segura in a room until he churns out more tales of Pete Fernandez's Miami! As someone once wrote, 'Please sir, I want more.'"

"Silent City is a top-notch thriller. The action is non-stop, the tension is relentless, and in Pete Fernandez, Alex Segura has created the most compelling, original, and complex multi-layered hero I've encountered in years."
--Andrew Grant, bestselling author of EVEN, DIE TWICE and RUN

"Silent City is a noir page-turner I couldn't put down, a race through the Miami tourists don't see. I loved the book, and can't wait for the next one. Alex Segura is a writer to watch."
--Sara Gran, bestselling author of DOPE and CLAIRE DEWITT AND THE CITY OF THE DEAD

"Silent City is a page-turner right from the get-go, fast and furious and with plenty of bite."
--Adam Christopher, bestselling author of EMPIRE STATE and THE BURNING DARK

"A thrilling read that picks up speed with each page. This book was a fantastic debut in the mystery genre, and I m ecstatic that Pete Fernandez has his own series. Looking forward to more from Segura."
--Steve Weddle, acclaimed author of COUNTRY HARDBALL

"A gritty murder mystery/detective story set in Miami among the ruins of the old guard media."
--The Huffington Post

"Segura is off to a good start with Silent City."
--The Sun-Sentinel

One of Crimespree Magazine s Favorite Reads of 2013

"Alex Segura nails the mood his first time out with his debut novel, SILENT CITY. He takes the reader on a rough and tumble tour of his hometown of Miami, Florida. But hold on. this isn't the Miami of USA Network's Burn Notice. No one is cracking wise with a drink by the ocean; Segura's Miami is haunted by a silent killer while our hero is haunted by his failures."
--Crimespree Magazine

"Both a classic and unique detective novel...a pretty powerful and exciting tale."

"Segura pulls off an evolution of character I can t recall having seen in recent crime fiction. He also uses the dark corners and alleyways of Miami, untouched by the neon of South Beach, to create a criminal's playground that leaves in the reader's mouth a cheap beer aftertaste that blends well with the scent of stale smoke permeating the room. If trench-coat-and-Stetson-hat fiction were a genre, Silent City would be right at home in it."
--The Florida Book Review

"Instead of a down-on-his-luck PI who somehow manages to be a step ahead of everything, Pete stumbles to try and keep up. Surprisingly charming and doggedly determined, he's a little bit Harry Dresden and a lot Clint Barton from Matt Fraction s Hawkeye. Segura writes some fantastic action sequences and keeps the suspense humming throughout the story. It's book you find yourself needing to finish, just so you can see if Pete manages to survive the mess he s pulled himself into."

"Forget the neon lights. Forget the glitz. Forget the bikinis and mojitos. And get ready for the other side of Miami." ---

"The new George Pelecanos is here...I was really impressed with this debut." -- Son of Spade

"Silent City feels refreshing in large part because the characters ring true. They re motivated by recognizable emotions, and behave in believable ways when thrust into desperate situations. The story is set around a newspaper. And as a former longtime newspaper reporter myself, I can verify that Segura nailed the different personality types who haunt newsrooms." - Tom Joyce's Chamber of the Bizarre

"Silent City was a quick read. I finished it in just a few days, and by the time I was reaching the climax, I was turning off the television and flying through the last twenty pages just to know what happened to Pete and his friends." ---

"Set in Miami, the city comes to life in the author s hands rich and vivid with a definite dark underbelly, it put me in mind of Miami Vice a show I used to love which visually had the same feel to it bright lights and warm nights hiding a less salubrious reality where danger lurks around every corner." - Liz Loves Books

"Segura has a way with characterization and exhibits serious promise in his debut novel." -13th Dimension

"Tightly plotted, Silent City is a fast, compelling read, one set to an impeccable soundtrack. Segura clearly knows his way around a vinyl collection, deftly using music to set moods as well for characterization. Pete is a likeable protagonist-the fact that he's an amateur detective gives him a kind of scrappy credibility as he bumbles along in the early stages of his investigation." - Black Heart Magazine

"Alex Segura details Pete's struggles and captures his downward spiral perfectly. You really feel for him but also at the same time Alex makes you feel like most of it is his own doing." --Crime Book Club