Seeds of Slavery

Joseph F Baiden (Author)



Two businessmen seduced by the opportunities of the Gold Coast. Two lovers twice denied happiness by another man's greed. Two young men of mixed African and European heritage exploited by unscrupulous leaders from both worlds. One boy who makes his own destiny.

In 1667 Samuel Hastings and his business partner, Albert Dross, set sail for Africa to earn their fortunes in trans-Atlantic slave trafficking. This decision will change the lives of hundreds, inciting kings to war and tearing families apart to support a trade that will spread untold wealth--and shame--across three continents and two centuries.

Mussah and Hawa, young lovers forced apart by a father's debts, are arrested for adultery and then reunited on a slave ship bound for the New World. They fear the worst--being separated--but nothing can prepare them for the trials they encounter on the ship and where the Middle Passage takes them.

Kofi and Kwesi are mixed-race middlemen who see no harm, and plenty of profit, in playing politics with a pair of kings, until that leads to murder and torture. As much pawns in the game as the captive slaves, they are forced into committing crimes against their own people. Each man must choose between wealth and power in the cutthroat world he helped create or a simple life in which he can find peace and self-respect.

Akoto is a boy who reacts without thinking about the consequences, always leaping into trouble to try to help the ones he loves. Can he save himself when the time comes to risk everything?

Set during the early years of the slave trade in West Africa, Seeds of Slavery uncovers painful truths about the tribal leaders and European traders who created a global exchange of human lives for gold and guns that would dislocate families, weaken identities, and impart a legacy of loss and pain for generations to come.

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Abura Publishing, LLC.
Publish Date
August 28, 2019
5.98 X 0.74 X 9.02 inches | 1.07 pounds
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About the Author

ABOUT THE AUTHOR; Joseph F. Baiden I was born and grew up in West Africa, which is where I gained my knowledge of and love for African culture. I am proud to share both through my stories. My goal is to help readers understand slavery from an African perspective, using characters, some fictional and some historical, to tell the story. This book was written to answer questions for those who are wondering about their African ancestors. Mainly, I would like to keep the history of human slavery alive in people's minds so that we can avoid repeating our past mistakes. This novel exists to create awareness around the origins of slavery in Africa as well as the deep agony and despair it has inflicted. I tell stories to fulfill an ongoing mission to inform, educate, and entertain people from all walks of life.


1. Reviewed By RomuRald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite
The writing is impeccable and it captures scenes and emotions in a vivid way. Right from the very start of the narrative, the author introduces readers to a setting that gives them a good idea of what foreign exploration into the Gold Coast looked like. The conflict is both historical and cultural and the author demonstrates how the slave trade was enabled. Joseph F. Baiden builds a story with characters who help readers to understand some of the most painful betrayals in human history. The narrative has strong historical underpinnings, exploring the horrible crimes that were a result of the trans-Atlantic slave trafficking. While influential European businessmen were out to make a killing in the trade, African rulers betrayed their own people and fed the greed incited by the lure of western goods. Seeds Of Slavery is entertaining and well-crafted to draw out every emotion in the reader, a powerful indictment of slavery and man's inhumanity to man. Joseph F. Baiden's novel is well researched and deftly written. A masterpiece!

2. Reviewed By Amanda Rofe for Readers' Favorite

Joseph Baiden writes a thoroughly compelling and original novel based on historical facts. The rich storyline is complemented by complex and vivid characters. We learn of the different African tribes, their physical and mental suffering, and the ultimate demise of many on the slave ships. This book fills in the gaps that have so often been absent in the history of slavery; that is a perspective from the very continent where people were torn from their free lives. In particular, it destroys the notion that the responsibility for the trade lay solely with white Europeans. There is much moral discussion and the human condition is laid bare from the point of view of both the slave trader and the slave. Seeds Of Slavery could easily become a classic. It is an absolutely fascinating book and I thoroughly enjoyed it.