Rome Resurgent: War and Empire in the Age of Justinian

Peter Heather (Author)

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$19.95  $18.35
Oxford University Press, USA
Publish Date
May 01, 2020
5.5 X 8.2 X 0.9 inches | 0.01 pounds

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About the Author

Peter Heather is Professor of Medieval History at King's College London, and author of The Fall of the Roman Empire, Empires and Barbarians, and The Restoration of Rome.


"This is a well-written, lucid, and persuasive general history of the reign of Justinian and the broader context within which it should be understood, one that offers an up-to-date account of a crucial moment in the history of the Mediterranean and Middle East and should certainly replace some of the older popular literature on Justinian and his reign." -- John Haldon, The American Historical Review

"Bold, absorbing and thoroughly compelling . . . Combining a wealth of literary material, a flare for swashbuckling narrative, and the most up-to-date archaeological discoveries available, Heather endeavours to achieve a critical realignment of the traditional and often contradictory views of Justinian's attempt to reconstitute the West at the point of a sword."- BRYN MAWR CLASSICAL REVIEW

"This book does full justice to 'the extraordinary historical phenomenon which is Justinian.' It combines a refreshingly sane view of the sixth-century East Roman Empire which Justinian came to rule, of the western world on which he impinged in a series of memorable military adventures, and of the overall significance of his achievements. Written with a sharp sense of the unpredictable in war and politics, it catches, as few other books have done, the breathtaking quality of the reign of the last truly great emperor of Rome."--Peter Brown, author of Ransom of the Soul and Through the Eye of a Needle

"Not since the days of Julius Caesar had the Romans conquered so much territory as they did under Justinian--or rather reconquered it. Bracketed between the fall of the western empire in the fifth century and the fall of the Roman Near East in the seventh, the empire of New Rome came out swinging on all fronts. Heather brings clarity and verve to his narrative, but also explains the overall strategic calculations that are often missing from other accounts. Rome Resurgent is now the modern military history of the reign."--Anthony Kaldellis, author of Streams of Gold, Rivers of Blood and A Cabinet of Byzantine Curiosities

"Peter Heather's new book is an admirably accessible, authoritative, and up-to-date guide to the reign of Justinian and the place of the emperor in the broader sweep of Roman and Byzantine history. It deserves a wide readership amongst both the general public and specialists alike."--Peter Sarris, author of Empires of Faith and Byzantium: A Very Short Introduction

"While [Rome Resurgent] is required reading for the specialist the Late Empire and early Middle Ages, it is also a good read for the layman with a passing interest in the period." --NYMAS

"A magisterial account of the recovery of Rome after the collapse of the western provinces. Peter Heather sets out how stability and prosperity returned to the Roman East and paved the way for a new golden age. This is not just an interesting book but an important one too."--Peter Frankopan, author of The Silk Roads and The First Crusade

"Heather provides general readers a clear and thorough narration of Justinian's wars and historians with food for thought concerning their impact ... Recommended." -- CHOICE