Robin Hood

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The identity of Robin Hood has been questioned many times since the Outlaw of Sherwood first sprang to fame in the twelfth century. No two authorities seem able to agree as to his origins, antecedents, or even whether or not he was a historical personage or a mythical figure. Historians, both amateur and professional, have for years been bringing out new books in which they claim to have found 'the real Robin Hood', but his identity remains clouded. More recent studies have sought to push the boundaries of the story further out into recorded time - seeking Robin Hood among the records of government and law enforcement, in the ballads of the twelfth to fourteenth centuries, and in the folk memory of the people of Britain. For them, Robin is a product of the ballad-maker's muse, or a literary fabrication based on the lives and deeds of several outlaws or the garbled memory of an actual person whose real life bore little or no resemblance to the romanticised songs of the ballad-makers. This is the only contemporary book to fully explore the mythology of Robin Hood rather than concentrating on the human identity of the famous outlaw. It ties Robin to the ancient archetype of the Green Man, the lore and legends of the Faery race, to the possible Eastern influence of the English Mummers' plays, and suggests the real identities of several of the Merry Men.

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October 01, 2019

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About the Author

John Matthews has produced more than 100 books on myth and was the historical advisor to the Jerry Bruckheimer movie King Arthur. Mark Ryan is an English actor who played Nazir in Robin of Sherwood and Gates in Black Sails. Richard Carpenter was an English television screenwriter, author, and actor who created Robin of Sherwood and Catweazle.


'I can think of none better than John to guide and accompany the wanderer in the deep woods.'--Mark Ryan
'John Matthews has gone deep into the leafy shadows of the Greenwood in search of the elusive folk hero we call Robin Hood. His own Wild Hunt has led him through the magic of the changing seasons to reveal the Green Man as the ancient archetype lurking behind the legend of the Outlaw of Sherwood Forest.'--Richard 'Kip' Carpenter