Rick and Morty Vol. 3, Volume 3

Tom Fowler (Author) Marc Ellerby (Illustrator)

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$19.99  $18.39
Oni Press
Publish Date
October 04, 2016
6.5 X 10.1 X 0.4 inches | 0.6 pounds
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About the Author

CJ Cannon is a self-taught artist living in Nashville, Tennessee. When they're not working on comics, outside riding their bike, or drumming, they're almost always in the house drawing fanart.

Marc Ellerby is a comics illustrator living in Essex, UK. He has worked on such titles as Rick and Morty, Doctor Who, Regular Show and The Amazing World of Gumball. His own comics (which you should totally check out!) are Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter and Ellerbisms. You can read some comics if you like at marcellerby.com.


BOOKLIST -- "Rick and Morty, the unlikely pair at the heart of the hit Adult Swim cartoon, happily bring their signature blend of brainy sci-fi and surreal, warped mayhem to print. When dissolute genius Rick builds a device to predict the future of the stock market, he and his bumbling teenage grandson, Morty, hit the big time. But time cops catch on to their scheme, and they're sentenced to prison in a tortuous labyrinth. That's a tidy metaphor for most Rick and Morty plots, since Rick has his fingers in just about every parallel universe, so moments of sentimentality can easily turn on a dime with an interdimensional leap (and a knowing wink ro the reader), hurtling hapless Morty in myriad disorienting directions. Though readers unfamiliar with the show might be thrown off by the idiosyncratic speech style, it's a pitch-perfect replica of the voice actors' performances, and the artwork, full of exaggerated cartoon shapes and grotesque creatures, expertly mimics the animation. With intelligent plots and lowbrow jokes aplenty, this is tailor-made for older teens."

LIBRARY JOURNAL -- "Aside from the normal difficulties inherent in being young, such as school and the trials and tribulations of parents, siblings, and friends, Morty also has to deal with his grandfather Rick, a cracked scientific genius with authority issues. Under Rick's belch-fueled tutelage, the daringly duplicitous duo embark on various outrageous adventures, including making a fortune in the stock market by manipulating multiple universes to ensure maximum profit, getting arrested by time police and sent to a death-maze of Rick's design, and experiencing a haunted campground in the land of dreams. Rick's crazy ideas keep them one step ahead of the problems he instigates, while Morty tries to maintain a level head and survive. Verdict Based on Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's (adult swim) animated cartoon, Rick and Morty walks a shredding tightrope among slapstick, pathos, and hilarity, with unexpected twists and a healthy sprinkle of nutty sf concepts thrown in for good measure. The anthology nature of the stories means some pieces are stronger than others, but all are imaginative and will appeal to fans of weird sf humor that borders on the psychedelic. Fans of the original series will see new takes on their favorite characters."

NEWSARAMA -- "Bottom line, if you love the show, you'll love the comic, and if you've never watched the show, this debut issue will make you want to run out and buy the DVDs as soon as you are humanly able. Oni Press has struck gold with Rick and Morty #1. Zac Gorman, C.J. Cannon, Ryan Hill, and back up artist Marc Ellerby have given audiences, both in and out of know, a solid debut issue chocked with comedy and pathos that can go nowhere but up. Sitcoms are always tricky for comics to really take to, but the breathless insanity and solid emotional core of Rick and Morty may be the latest one that the medium embraces and takes to a whole other crop of fans. To sum it all up, WUB A LUB A DUB DUUUUB!"

JUNKIE MONKEYS -- "If Rick and Morty isn't in your comic book collection by now, then you are missing out on one outrageous and dynamic tale! The series is taking off fast and there is still time to jump onto this chaotic ship before it gets too deep into space. Plenty of laughs await you, and trust me when I tell you that you won't be disappointed."

WE THE NERDY -- "I'd definitely suggest you buy this if you are a fan of the two loveable idiots because it embodies everything that is great about the Adult Swim show.Rick and Morty is here to stay, so I suggest that you become acquainted with it."

COMICS ALLIANCE -- "It's as restlessly inventive as the show, taking you to new worlds and letting Rick and Morty be as awful as ever within them."

FOX FORCE FIVE NEWS -- "Rick & Morty is the perfect book to sit down with for a good laugh and a little adventure."

ADVENTURES IN POOR TASTE -- "One of the most popular shows right now (okay fine the most popular show right now) is on hiatus so this is the only way to get your Rick and Morty fix!"

MOVIEPILOT.COM -- "The new run of Rick and Morty's comic book series is set to arrive very soon. Yay!"