Read My Hips!: Suffering Needless Pelvic, Limb, or Back Pain? Time to Check your Alignment!

Wolf Schamberger (Author)

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$49.99  $45.99
Publish Date
August 12, 2020
8.5 X 11.0 X 1.19 inches | 2.96 pounds

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About the Author

The author was born in Sinn on the last day of summer and brought up in Worms, famous for Luther's Diet of Worms that may have been his inspiration for trying to bringing about his own reformation of current medical thinking in regards to alignment-related problems that are so common in our population. Once he could walk, he quickly turned to sports - soccer, running, climbing, kayaking, walking the dog - to sample the various injuries that each one had to offer, something that prepared him well for a long career in rehabilitation and sports medicine. It was, however, the traumatic realization that the nagging heel pain that had spelled the end of his running dreams and had evaded medical diagnosis for seven years was resolved within minutes after some simple corrective manoeuvres carried out in 1987 by an astute osteopath, who correctly diagnosed the pain as being referred from back ligaments put under strain by his pelvis being out of alignment. He soon came to realize not only how easy it is to go out of alignment but also how anyone can learn to recognize the condition, seek help, and take preventive measures. Since then, his efforts have been aimed at getting the word out about malalignment. While his medical books have received international recognition and reached many who still have an open mind, he some time ago came to realize that it is more important in the long run to educate the person on the street, the patient, athlete, and healthcare providers, so that they can recognize whether or not they are out of alignment. This way, when they do seek help, they can hopefully avoid getting caught by those who remain ignorant of the problem and those who have come to exploit the situation by failing to offer any advice that would involve them on a day-by-day basis and increase their chances of achieving a long-term resolution. The future beckons, with more writing, teaching, workshops, meetings and, yes, yet another attempt to return to running, to sample some previously untried injuries, and hopefully pass on any new-found knowledge to you in the near future! Away from the world of malalignment, he enjoys singing with a choir, listening to classical music, reading, and hiking the trails of Port Moody and beyond....