Practical Strategies for a More Meaningful Life: From Mundane to Magical



This first in an upcoming series of books devoted to the pursuit of a fulfilling life provides practicable strategies that all of us can do in our everyday life for developing, maintaining, and maximizing meaningful relationships. "Are you ready to stop living like a vertical coffin just taking up space?" "Are you ready to know exactly what you want out of life, and to accomplish those things before you die?" "Are you walking around half awake, wasting your irreplaceable life on things that are really not that important to you?" "Are you chasing the wrong things in life? Are you ready to become more alive?" With these and other probing questions, Peter Chang, MD, PhD, launches a series of profound and inspiring books that will lead you to a more meaningful and fulfilled life. Targeting topics such as relationships, happiness, family, work, spirituality, giving and serving, aging and dying, as well as wealth and attachment, these books create a map that will bring purpose to your life and guide you to discovering its meaning. As a scientist and a pragmatist who is result-oriented, the goal is to provide easily implementable strategies that will make a difference right away in your everyday life. "Who am I? Why am I here? Why are we all here? What is life all about?" These are the basic questions of mankind that have been asked repeatedly throughout the ages. Every one of us is unique. There has never been, and will never be, another human being who looks just like you, thinks just like you, has the same family and friends that you have, and lives exactly the same life you live. Every single one of us is here for a unique purpose-to learn specific lessons for a reason, to encounter specific persons for a reason, to experience specific life situations for a reason, and to feel in specific ways for a reason. Every one of us eventually has to define our life on this planet, our reason for being here. We are all here to carry out certain specific tasks in keeping with our unique talents, circumstances, and spiritual level. It doesn't matter that you have completed a hundred other tasks. If you have not completed the task you were sent here to do, it is as if you have completed nothing at all. When you know your true purpose, your life will be permanently transformed, and then you can begin to transform the world. The journey begins with relationships since the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. In book one, Dr. Chang provides ideas, questions, and strategies that encourage you to break out of your normal realm of thought and consider living life more intentionally and consciously.

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September 18, 2016
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About the Author

Peter Chang, MD, PhD, is a practicing cardiologist in Houston, Texas. He completed his undergraduate study at Rice University, followed by MD degree from UT Medical School and PhD degree in biochemistry from Rice University. Dr. Chang was chosen by US Newsweek and World Report as one of the 1000 best cardiologists in USA. Dr. Chang believes strongly in giving back to better the community you are in. He has served on multiple nonprofit boards over the years. He has served as president of Asian American Family Services, the only nonprofit in Southern USA addressing the mental health needs of Asian-Americans, and as chair of Chinese Community Center, the largest nonprofit social service agency for Asian-Americans in Southern USA. Dr. Chang is also interested in the cultural aspect of the local community and has served as chief editor of Southern Monthly in the early 70s, which was then the most widely circulated Chinese monthly magazine in Southern USA. He was the founder of Whirlwind Drama Club, which produced the first Chinese-speaking play in Southern USA, and the director of its first dramatic production. Dr. Chang always believes that active participation is the only way to get your voice heard. In addition to be actively involved in political campaigns with his wife, he has also served on the Harris County Hospital District Board of Managers, Texas State Medical Board, governing board of several hospitals, and as president of the multi-specialty Summit Medical Group. Despite his busy practice and community involvement, Dr. Chang spends most of his limited free time studying strategies on living a more meaningful life. Over the years, Dr. Chang has amassed more than one thousand pages of ideas and tactics for piecing together part of the puzzle of who we are and how we should live. The puzzle of life will never be solved by one person or in one lifetime. All the inspiring and bright minds over the years have provided us with certain pieces of this puzzle. Dr. Chang hopes to add a few more of these puzzle pieces that can positively impact our lives right now, and more importantly, to encourage others to join him in his quest for the meaning of human existence. His writing reflects his passionate devotion to seeking the true meaning of life, helping others lead more fulfilling lives, and expanding the individual and collective consciousness of all humans.