Off Axis: A Modern Day Vampire Saga

D. D. Scarlet (Author)

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$18.50  $17.02
D.D. Scarlet
Publish Date
October 09, 2018
6.0 X 0.87 X 9.0 inches | 1.26 pounds

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About the Author

D.D. Scarlet has always enjoyed the creative release found in writing. She is naturally introverted and growing up in the Australian bush in partial isolation, the beasts of the land became her familiars, and when life threw at her dangers and challenges, as life does to us all, her instincts peeked through the chaos and she quickly reverted to the primal behaviours imprinted on her during her childhood. She is naturally happy and vivacious and sure, she can work a crowd like a celebrity when the need arises, or she simply feels the call, but once her desires have been satisfied she happily retreats back to her lair where she no longer has to conform to the societal smokescreens that enslave humanity and exhaust her. Aside writing, her other interests are of a Spiritual/Supernatural/Paranormal nature... She has a passion for all forms of energy whether they be based in physics, blood, magic, prayer or the paranormal. Throwing open the lid of Pandora's Box and investigating all the shiny things within both excites and pleases her. How much of her writing is based on fact and/or actual experiences..? The real question, is how much of it isn't?


This is the no-holds-barred life story of Mars McKinnon, a vampire with a unique species biology of the author's own making, who feeds on pranic energy from living prey. Book two picks up where the last tale left off as Mars descends into the destructive ways of Lair life, relying on his mentor Anton to guide him through the harsh realities of his adult vampire life. This central core relationship carries Mars through murder, deception, darkness self-discovery as the lore of the Lair is expanded and connected out into the modern world.
I don't normally enjoy the extremes of violence, sex and gore, but for Off Axis the visceral quality is completely justified. Readers must be prepared for a dark, gritty journey that never shies away from blood and guts, but those who seek terrifying excitement will certainly find it in DD Scarlet's writings. The writing style is sharp and to the point, focused intently on character and action. Scarlet presents a true anti-hero in Mars, whose journey of reckless self-discovery is one which we revel in and root for despite his wild ways. Highly recommended for fans of genuine dark fantasy, violence and intrigue.

I just finished Off Axis, and still reeling from this complicated story Ms Scarlet created. The richness of the world of the modern Vampire is layered, layer upon layer of intrigue and complexity.
Off-Axis opens the reader up to the mindset of very primal creatures.
Ms Scarlet has taken the trope of Vampire and made it feel like it is real in this world. Then she shows you how entirely broken that world is

What a gritty read with well-developed characters intriguing plot. Love the way this gutsy author writes without candy coating the dark, twisted and horrible which is why I gave the 5 star rating.

A strong second installment story-wise where Mars's integrity is put to the test, and we see the deeper complexity of Jade's psyche. Looking forward to seeing how Mars copes with his challenges I'm so hoping that Jade pushes through her demons and tears a certain monster to pieces. Literally. These vampires aren't sugar-coated, nor do they sparkle.
It's also refreshing to read a work that hasn't been self-censored by the author. She's graphic in her depiction of sex and sexual violence, but the violence has a strong tie-in to character development as she's used it as an educational tool to send a very clear message about why it's unacceptable in society. As Mars learns how to recognise narcissism and domestic violence in his home, so too does the reader. That can be hard to read, but there is a clear moral message underlying the story, and that's if you're under the thumb of a narcissist or an abuser then you must find a way out. You must ask for help. That is a message worth respecting.

A brilliant addition to the series, filled with struggle and a brutal reality as mars struggles with being a vampire, once again the reader is not shielded from reality which makes this series brutal and forces you to struggle along with mars as you take this next step with him. While some themes are hard to read the story remains compelling and you feel for mars every step of the way, Definitely not a book for the faint hearted and some readers will not be able to read some of the content. I found the reality of the book refreshing. Dark and confronting not your typical vampire novel.

I enjoyed the level of character building DD Scarlet put into her work. She has developed an interesting blend of characters, each with their own motivations - both positive and negative.In particular, I like the bonding between Mars and his mentor Anton.

Another dark and compelling journey into the world of DD Scarlet's vamps. I was drawn into a maelstrom of dark urges, compulsion and evil counterpointed by insight. So scary at times but so invested in the characters.