Nuts Hc

Gahan Wilson (Author)

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Fantagraphics Books
Publish Date
October 17, 2011
8.18 X 0.7 X 8.21 inches | 1.22 pounds
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About the Author

In his ninth decade as a human being and his sixth as a master cartoonist, Gahan Wilson (born dead in 1930) continues to produce cartoons for a variety of magazines including Playboy and The New Yorker.


Gahan Wilson's NUTS is the best, most clear-eyed explanation of and memoir about childhood I've ever read. Small, cramped, perfect drawings that show children as they are explorers without a map or a book of instructions in the land of mad giants. --Neil Gaiman
Nuts is one of the best works, and one of the few single book-length works, by one of our time's best and most idiosyncratic cartoonists -- is for everyone who really remembers how terrible and lonely and infuriating it can be to be a child. --Andrew Wheeler
Fantagraphics has done readers a great favor by releasing the first full collection of Nuts, the hilarious cult strip by famed Playboy and National Lampoon cartoonist Gahan Wilson. [I]t s good to finally have a work of Nuts caliber and significance collected so future generations can see for themselves that Gahan Wilson was a humorist who 'got it' in no uncertain terms. --Steve Bunche
(Starred Review) The scenarios include... normal-enough stuff that holds the potential for humiliation, failure, and maybe worse. In Nuts, that potential is always realized and, as memory colors it, so uproariously that you just about choke with laughter. For sheer hilarity, this is Wilson s masterpiece. --Ray Olson"
The all-time greatest comic strip about what it is to be a child, ever. Insightful, hilarious, poignant and dripping truth from every panel, Nuts is, was and ever will be in my pantheon of most life-altering reads. It showed me that comics could be more than just gag-driven. Beautifully drawn and essential to any library of cartoon books. --Bob Fingerman"
They re wonderful pieces of comic art..., applying Wilson s usual sense of the grotesque and macabre to phenomena like summer camp and sick days. And they re not all bitter either... He mixes the sour and the sweet exceptionally well. --Noel Murray"
The kids in Nuts are vain, covetous, not so very bright, and they stagger around, reeling, from one unpleasant surprise to the next . Weirdly, by giving his kids the vocabularies of adults, he really captures the neuroses of childhood. We begin life as we live it now: Dazed, angry, and bitter at our own fundamental lack of control. --Paul Constant"
Dense, claustrophobic, intense and trenchantly funny, the self-contained strips ranged from satire to slapstick to agonising irony, linking up over the years to form a fascinating catalogue of growing older in the USA: a fearfully faithful alternate view of childhood and most importantly, of how we adults choose to recall those distant days. --Win Wiacek"