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KEVIN WILSON is Vice President of Videologies, Inc., a company that specializes in training administrative professionals in Fortune 500 companies. JENNIFER WAUSON is President of Videologies, Inc.


"Hands down my favorite book of the year."--Ann Patchett, Today
"These new stories of Wilson's are something else; they're funny, raw and beautiful."--Maureen Corrigan, NPR's Fresh Air
// Praise for PERFECT LITTLE WORLD--//
"A novel you keep reading for old-fashioned reasons--because it's a good story and you need to know what happens."--John Irving, The New York Times Book Review
"Wilson's deliciously breezy style reels you in and holds you tight."--Denver Post
// Praise for THE FAMILY FANG--//
"Breathtakingly wonderful."--Miami Herald
"Winningly bizarre."--Vanity Fair
"Laugh out loud funny. I love the way Kevin Wilson writes."--Jacqueline Woodson, National Book Award winner
"Weird, funny, but also unexpectedly moving. . . . An affecting reflection on the blithe cruelty of the rich and what it means to be a good parent."--Buzzfeed
"Quirky and insightful, strange and delightful."--Popsugar
// Praise for BABY YOU'RE GONNA BE MINE--//
“There's hardly a sentence that feels like anything you've read before, that's how fresh his voice is. . . . Witty, confiding, breezily profane. . . . That the supernatural elements feel so right is a testament to Wilson's innate skill as a storyteller.”--Entertainment Weekly
“Wilson's latest is outlandish and laugh-out-loud funny.”--Parade
"I can't believe how good this book is. . . . Wholly original. It's also perfect. . . . Wilson writes with such a light touch. . . . That's the brilliance of the novel--that it distracts you with these weirdo characters and mesmerizing and funny sentences and then hits you in a way you didn't see coming."-- Taffy Brodesser-Akner, The New York Times Book Review
"A peculiar, entertaining and insightful book about the hazards of child-rearing and the value of friends."--People
"It's a giddily lunatic premise, one that author Kevin Wilson grounds with humor and deadpan matter-of-factness. . . . Wilson's observational humor is riotous in its specificity. . . . The writing dazzles. . . . But what dazzles most are the warmly rendered dynamics of an ad hoc, dysfunctional family that desperately wants to work."--USA Today
"[A] deadpan, hilarious modern fairy tale."--Newsday
A pleasing blend of tartness and tenderness. . . . . Wilson's ability to capture such tangled sentiments makes him a thoroughly engaging and appealing writer.--Boston Globe
Darkly funny yet quietly devastating. . . . Wilson crafts a stunning portrait of the push and pull of parenthood.--Time
Perennially weird and wonderful. . . . Wilson's portrayal of these fire children conveys more emotional truth about life with a difficult or neurodivergent kid than any of those parenting guides. . . . Funny and affecting.--Minneapolis Star Tribune
Kevin Wilson once again dazzles with a bizarre, comic, and heartbreaking tale. . . . A dryly comic, surreal phantasmagoria reminiscent of Kafka, Garcia-Marquez, and their heirs, from David Foster Wallace to Karen Russell.--Chapter 16
"[Wilson's] most perfect novel. Paradoxically light and melancholy, it hews to the border of fantasy but stays in the land of realism. . . . You can sense the real heat radiating off these pages. . . . This novel may seem slight and quirky, but don't be fooled. There's a lot to see here."
--Washington Post
"Funny and even eerily beautiful. . . . It's the sweetness of this novel that will melt you."
"Wilson captures the wrenching emotions of caring for children in this exceptional, and exceptionally hilarious, novel."--Publishers Weekly (starred review)
"Wilson is a remarkable writer.... A funny and touching fable about love for kids, even the ones on fire."--Kirkus Reviews
"A love letter to the weirdness and difficulties of children and of parenting, with or without spontaneous human combustion. . . . [With] an easy, engaging voice, cynical and funny without being caustic. Like the author's The Family Fang, this is another story of a family that is as delightfully bizarre as it is heartfelt and true."--Library Journal
"Lillian tells the story, revealing immediately that she's another of Wilson's normal extraordinary protagonists. . . . She fills the book with her wry humor and large, embracing heart."--Booklist