Nose Knows: Wild Ways Animals Smell the World


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About the Author

Emmanuelle Figueras was born in French Guiana. While studying law in Paris, she discovered a passion for writing, popular science and the animal world. She went on to study gorillas in Rwanda, took a course in primatology and became a journalist and author. She writes about animals and science for numerous magazines and is the author of over 50 books for both adults and children. She lives in France.

Claire de Gastold was born in Paris in 1978. Her work has been published in magazines and she has illustrated several children's books. She lives near Paris in France.


"This large-format picture book describes the ways animals use their sense of smell as a guide to find food, bond with offspring, impress a potential mate, and more. The book is organized into seven sections, and features large, colorful illustrations that bring the text to life, many with a lift-the-flap feature that pack an impressive amount of information. The opening section, 'The Invisible World of Smells', states that humans can detect more than 400,000 different smells. An accompanying illustration shows the noses of a cat and a boy. When readers lift the flap, they see how the olfactory membrane sends messages to the brain. They also learn that cats have a much larger membrane for receiving smells than humans do. The opposite page explains that horses have a second 'nose' and that they make 'funny faces' in their attempts to sniff more successfully. VERDICT A terrific find for science units on animal behavior and useful for student browsing." - School Library Journal Starred Review

"Trunks, snouts, rostrums, muffles, beaks, and muzzles take center stage in this captivating investigation into the power of smell. Arranged by theme and loosely progressing from basic concepts (what smell is) to specific animal behaviors (lemurs' penchant for attracting mates through stinky secretions; ants' use of pheromones to communicate), each spread uses short text blocks to concisely present information on the sense's specifics. Figueras adeptly presents complex concepts in accessible language: 'Molecules that have a smell are called odorant molecules'. De Gastold's realistic illustrations engagingly incorporate amusing details (an elephant teetering atop a ladder, horses pulling funny faces) and are augmented by lift-the-flap features that offer varying perspectives, zoomed-in views, and additional facts. A handy index amplifies the book's usefulness as a reference." - Publishers Weekly Starred Review

"Though human noses are rather spectacular, other animals have us beat: e.g., an elephant's sense of smell is five times better than a human's and twice as good as a dog's. Figueras and de Gastold have created a unique book for children to learn about the world of smell. Noses are for breathing, but they're also for locating food, friends, enemies, danger, or even finding one's way. The informational book's oversize picture-book format includes fact strips along the bottom of the pages and numerous flaps for children to lift and view an otherwise hidden aspect of the animal or setting. The flaps' interiors offer additional information to further educate readers. An interesting mix of animals are included, from whales and sharks to bees and mosquitoes to star-nosed moles and ring-tailed lemurs, and the text highlights not only their noses but also how some creatures deliberately communicate with smelly glands or pheromones. The book's muted, engaging illustrations and interactive format invite quiet adult-child explorations of the natural world." - Booklist

"A survey of the many ways we and other animals use and detect odors....Whiffs of humor lighten the informational load. A fresh, factual blast with hints of drollery." - Kirkus Reviews

"A fun flap-filled book that charmingly informs children ages 7-11 how smell plays a key role in the lives of animals and shapes their behavior and relationships. Especially recommended for family, elementary school, and community library Pets/Wildlife picture book collections." - Midwest Book Review

"As the title indicates, this book is about the sense of smell and how and why various animals smell and give off scents. With its variety of species, colorful illustrations and lots of flaps the reader will be intrigued to explore how animals, including humans, smell with their noses and how it impacts their life day to day. Kids will learn how a bee is 'allowed' to enter its own hive and how a female mosquito sniffs out its bloody dinner. Did you know polar bears can smell their prey right through the ice and how a salmon swims thousands of miles to spawn in the exact river in which it was born? The nose provides many living creatures with nature's own GPS." - Youth Services Book Review

"I don't think I realized there was so much to say about noses and smelling. This is a fascinating book...Fascinating and beautifully illustrated, this is a fun nonfiction book to give to an animal lover." - My Storytime Corner

"Easy to read and highly browsable. Features large, expressive, and realistic illustrations with liftable flaps for more details." BayViews Journal, Association of Children's Booksellers, California

"Full of fun facts and colorful illustrations of animals and their unique noses...The interactive lift the flaps making reading this book fun for almost any age!" - Kids Book Buzz, reviewed by Liam, Age 7