Nick Bones Underground

Phil M Cohen (Author)


"...rollicking rabbinic roller coaster ride through a dystopian futuristic world."

--Eli Hirsch, Radical Skepticism and the Shadow of Doubt: A Philosophical Dialogue (Bloomsbury)

Shmulie Shimmer promised he'd call his father, Abe, but he never did. And Shmulie never broke a promise to his father.

Professor Nick Friedman takes a wild ride through a dystopic and dangerous New York City searching for his old high school buddy Shmulie Shimmer. Shmulie is the inventor of Lerbs, the most popular designer drug ever. Friedman and his wisecracking AI computer, Maggie, encounter a world of odd and sometimes deadly characters above and below ground.

Told with sardonic humor, Nick Bones Underground offers an imaginative world and asks thought provoking questions: Is it possible to overcome the burden of past deeds? What is the nature of being human? Can an AI computer change gender and convert to Judaism? How did Nick Friedman become Nick Bones? Who is Robbie the Rabbi? Is it possible to get a good cup of coffee at the Outtaluck Café?

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$19.95  $18.35
Koehler Books
Publish Date
November 30, 2019
6.0 X 0.85 X 9.0 inches | 1.22 pounds
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About the Author

Phil M. Cohen's passion for storytelling emerges from his love of reading fiction and his commitment to the Jewish tradition. Through his education, he's learned how to create and interpret stories; how to grapple with philosophical questions; and how to write fiction. From his rabbinic work, he's gained insight into the world. From realms unknown and a bit scary, Phil M. Cohen continues to discover his creative imagination. He is the author of nearly twenty published stories, dozens of articles and papers, and of the eBook Lucky 13. He blogs for The Times of Israel, as well as at his website,, where he interviews authors and other literary figures. He writes flash fiction and short stories, as well as all the things clergy write. Nick Bones Underground is the first of a trilogy.


"...rollicking rabbinic roller coaster ride through a dystopian futuristic world."

Eli Hirsch, Radical Skepticism and the Shadow of Doubt: A Philosophical Dialogue (Bloomsbury)

"Come for the AI, stay for the mystery."

Aaron Frale, Time Burrito

", drugs, and even cameos from a rock 'n' roll legend. So, what's not to love?"

Howard Lovy, Alliance for Independent Authors

"Follow Nick Bones through a mysterious tunnel of a world, where things look somewhat like the world you know, though so much darker and more dangerous. Author Phil M. Cohen does a brilliant job of hiding philosophic concepts in irresistible puzzles that you can't help but explore, and even in Sancho Panza-like pronouncements disguised as wisecracks by his AI. In this posmtmodern existence where everyone's truth is as good as any other, you can't help but accompany Nick on his quest for an actual truth that seems to reside with untruth itself in the person of Shmulie Shimmer, the inventor of Lerbs. You will be glad you accompanied him on his quest."

Susan Lang, author Running Barefoot

"In Nick Bones Underground, Phil M. Cohen gives us an engaging detective story with an entertaining cast of characters in need of redemption whether they realize it or not. As religion-professor-turned-detective, Nick and his sidekick computer, Maggie, take on a mystery tied all too uncomfortably to Nick's past. They take us on a wild ride through a version of New York City that has seen better days, populated by citizens looking in all the wrong places for meaning, love, and leadership. Plentiful side helpings of humor, philosophy, religious fraud, and ethical quandaries add to the tale, making for an absorbing, memorable read."

Katy Yokum, author Three Ways to Disappear