Nathaniel's Got the Blues

David L. Heaney (Author)


In the winter of his life, Nathaniel, a fruit rat, is bored, angry and depressed. Even his longsuffering wife, Birgit is becoming impatient with his litany of complaints and ailments. He has grown increasingly self-focused possessing little interest in his colorless world. Sometimes he wistfully recalls his adventures as a young rat in search of life's meaning. But then again, he thinks that what seemed profound then, now feels banal and mundane.

Life changes for Nathaniel when he encounters an old friend, the eccentric old possum, Mr. Leach who blames Nathaniel's "wretched state" on his attempts to claim others' epiphanies as his own. "One creature's epiphany is another creature's folly. To discover your own truth, you must engage and extract. The lessons your life wants to teach you must be extracted, mined, extricated, yanked, torn, and even ripped from your experience".

Nathaniel learns the art of engagement and discovers a world brimming with intriguing complexities; joy and sorrow, victories and setbacks, justice and injustice. But engagement without extraction is nothing more than sensation without interpretation. What does it mean? And what is that worth? Nathaniel is challenged by Mr. Leach to extract the meaning from his experience where he learns more about himself than those whom he engages. Along the way, his learnings are accompanied by Blues tunes he spontaneously composes that clarify the relationship between his melancholy and the lessons life wants to teach you and he wants to know.

Went down to see my old friend's house,

best friend I ever had.

Now he's gone away and left this world,

and oh, I feel so sad.

I've got my-friends-are-dyin' blues.

That's right, my-friends-are-dyin' blues.

In time you'll learn the truth, that everything you love,

you will lose.

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$13.99  $12.87
Author David Heaney
Publish Date
September 14, 2020
5.0 X 7.99 X 0.41 inches | 0.0 pounds

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About the Author

David is the author of A YORKIE'S TALE: LESSONS FROM A LIFE WELL-LIVED and THE BLACK FOX OF BECKHAM. Publisher's Weekly wrote of A YORKIE'S TALE: Heaney offers wisdom, poetry, and humor in his narrative. His distinctive animal characters-pictured in Tatu's expressive watercolors-will resonate with middle grade readers. A YORKIE'S TALE was a semi-finalist for the BookLife Prize Competition (2018). The Booklife Prize Reviewer writes, Heaney's middle grade novel is a unique contemporary story that pays tribute to classic works of children's literature through its poignant and sophisticated approach to dealing with questions about death, purpose, and grief. He has enjoyed several careers all focused around assisting others with major life changes. After twenty years as a parish minister, he practiced as a marriage and family therapist. He then switched gears after being recruited to work as a senior executive with a large private company assisting governments around the world with the development and management of their social assistance programs. David earned a BA in Philosophy at SUNY, College at Purchase, a M.Div. from Yale University Divinity School and another M.A. from the University of San Diego in Marriage and Family Therapy. David lives with his wife Lynda and their three dogs in St. Louis, Missouri where he writes and Lynda is Vice Chancellor for Advancement at Washington University Medical School.