My Fox Begins

David Blaze (Author)

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Blaze Books for Young Readers
Publish Date
September 22, 2018
5.0 X 0.12 X 7.99 inches | 0.15 pounds
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About the Author

I wrote this book to teach my four-year-old son when to say please. He's a great kid, but had a habit of demanding everything he wanted. I want this...Give me that...It's mine! This book of full of everyday situations and a repetition of the word 'please'. Halfway through reading this to my son, he was saying 'please' with the scenarios because he recognized the patterns. He now says please anytime he wants to get something, do something, or go somewhere. By nature, he also says 'thank-you' automatically when anyone does something for him now. This is amazing to me. My Little Fox Says Please has changed my demanding four-year-old into a polite little guy. I believe it can do the same for your child or children. David Blaze is the award-winning author of several highly imaginative children's books, including the popular My Fox series. His goal is to create children's books that are fun, hilarious, and honest for kids of all ages and from all backgrounds. Timothy David and his son Zander Blaze live in Orlando, Florida with their crazy dog, Sapphire, magic hamster, Black, and Blaze's awesome Mom! Timothy David loves to watch funny movies and eat pizza rolls! Zander Blaze loves to play with Hot Wheels and feast on chicken nuggets! Together, as David Blaze, they share lots of laughs and have lots of fun. Wow! That's awesome!


From Readers' Favorite

His mother knows Little Fox is special, but his dad is worried that his differences will make him an easy target, not just for bullying from other foxes, but from human hunters, too. Little Fox's first friend is Stinky, a skunk who can't spray. Stinky understands Little Fox's dilemma and puts it into perspective. "My mom says it's okay to be different. I don't have to be like the other skunks." This is a great learning story for young readers, not only to accept themselves for their differences, but also to accept others for their differences. - Emily-Jane Hills Orford

As with all children's books I review, I asked my grandchildren, ages eleven and nine, to read it and share their impressions with me. They found Little Fox's character relatable; my grandson liked the relationship with Stinky the skunk the best. They shared that the scenes were easy to visualize. Little Fox is a strong character. His life is challenging, causing his character to grow. My Fox Begins teaches children that uniqueness is a gift, and true friendship is a treasure. It also illustrates that life has its problems; however, held within each of us is the ability to survive and overcome. - Cheryl E. Rodriguez

David Blaze's children's fable about social issues, My Fox Begins, gives readers of the author's My Fox series a welcome introduction to that amazing blue-eyed fox and his family. I'm a big fan of the series, even if I'm not in the age-targeted audience, and I particularly enjoyed getting to meet Stinky, the blue-eyed skunk kit. Blaze's plot is suspenseful, and his characters are well-defined. The illustrations are brilliantly colored and work quite well with the story. My Fox Begins is most highly recommended. - Jack Magnus